My first go at Filet Crochet…

I love filet crochet!

In a previous post I shared the following photo of filet crochet curtains that my Dutch mother and grandmother crocheted over 30 years ago- I have grown up with these very curtains in my home and they are still hanging today in front of my kitchen window! So of course I will forever have a soft spot for filet crochet…


So when the International Diploma in Crochet asked for a sample of filet crochet with a motif design I thought ‘about time’ and couldn’t wait to get started! It just isn’t a crochet technique I have tried before…


The first thing I had to get used to was the tiny hook and very thin crochet cotton. I’m more used to crocheting with larger hooks and more substantial yarn!


But I actually got used to it quite quickly and it really is very simple. I designed a fish motif on a drawn out grid and hey presto…


I’m pleased with the end result.


I will submit it for assessment this week and provided the feedback is positive I will move onto the next sample which asks for a ‘square of filet with bars and lacets’ -that’s new to me too – any tips gratefully received!

Happy Crocheting Everyone… 🙂



  1. I think your filet fish is brilliant …. can’t believe it’s your first attempt at filet crochet. I’ve just had my first filet sample back with good comments (all samples and comments on the prawnandpebble blog) but, like you, haven’t attempted bars and lacets yet. Have looked them up and bars Seem to be the chains at the top of empty double blocks while lacets are diagonal chains through empty blocks. That all sounds a bit complex but if you google them I’m sure you’ll see some examples. Good luck with your fish! x

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