Simple Crocheted Toy Hammock…

It was my daughters birthday at the weekend and boy does she have a soft spot for cuddly toys- in particular ‘Beanie Boo’s’. Her cuddly toy family just keeps on growing but the space in which to put them does not!

My mother had the idea to put a hammock in her room for all those cuddlies and I found some to buy online just for that purpose. However, they were all too big and after measuring up I realised they wouldn’t fit any corners of her room.

So…. the practical side to crochet came into play! Of course I could crochet her a simple net hammock made to measure…


It crocheted up really quickly…



and I hung it in place with clear plastic hooks which I got at our local DIY store…



I hung it in place late in the evening before her birthday so she woke up to see the hammock as a surprise, complete with a new Beanie Boo too- one happy daughter!



Now her Beanie Boos have a special place all of their own and her bed is a little easier to make!

So simple yet so effective- Happy Crocheting Everyone…



  1. Absolutely wonderfull! I have one little girl that’s a big fan of toys as well. Maybe I should make something like this one day. Although, yours matches perfect with the high bed, mine has a low bed. Should think about it some more. Where did you find the hammock pattern? Or was it your own design?

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