Coastal Living – a piece of driftwood in half-term…

This weeks post is more about the coastal and less about the crochet…


It’s half-term week here in England so my children, as well as I, are having a well deserved weeks break from school and work. No rushing around in the mornings and more time to enjoy the simple things in life.

For us, living so close by the sea and having a dog who needs a long daily dose of fresh air, it means a walk is always incorporated into the day.

And this was our walk on the first day which I would like to share with you. It wasn’t a long walk although it took a long time! The reason being the children found a large piece of driftwood. Now we often stumble across pieces of driftwood, large and small, some of which we carry home and others that we leave.


Initially my children wanted to take this piece home but it was way too heavy!


So they started to use their imaginations and use it…


…as a platform to use with their skateboards,


…to ride on it down a little slope,


…to position it on the stones so as to create a slide,


..and finally make a bridge across the stones.


They were having so much fun with that piece of driftwood for a very long time!


The next day we went back to the same spot and the driftwood was still there. The adventures continued. This time they scooted down the self-built ramp,


…carried it to the waters edge,


…tried to set sail on it!


…before finally launching it back into the sea.



It really is wonderful to see something so simple provide such entertainment. It wasn’t all perfect I assure you- they worked as a team but it wasn’t without moments of conflict and frustrations! But these are all lessons in life and this simple aspect of coastal living is for me a joy!

Now back to the crocheting- I must use the half -term to do a little more crochet than normal and I’d really like to try and teach the children. More on that soon…

In the meantime, Happy Crocheting Everyone!


  1. Looked like loads of fun, even with squabbles. I think driftwood may come in handy if you decide to do Part 3 of IDC – I remember reading about having to combine crochet with solid elements.. Mind you, a large lump of driftwood like the one in your post might not be manageable!

      1. I’m impressed you know you want to do all 3 parts of the diploma. I’ve only thought as far as Part 2 – after that, see how I feel. I got the Part 2 package at the end of August, but have only just sent off my first submissions. Hey, would you be interested in testing one or two of my patterns (when I get round to them..)?

  2. I used to live near the Thames and we often, as kids, would make things with the driftwood – even my Mum collected the prettier pieces for flower arrangements. I would love to live within walking distance of the sea; maybe one day

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