A Crochet Cupboard!

We are very lucky to have a little collectors/antiques/second-hand shop round the corner from us. The owner spills his goods for sale onto the pavement in front of the store and I often drive past and look over to see what delights there are!

A few weeks ago I had driven by and spotted a sweet little storage unit for sale. I drove past each day that week and kept looking over when I finally decided to walk round and take a closer look. Well, needless to say I walked away £25 poorer but with a lovely little cupboard that I already had in mind to fill with all my crochet bits and bobs!

Here it is…


It fits this little corner of our hallway like a glove -as if it was made to measure!!

I proceeded to fill it with my current crochet projects and yarn…


…and crochet books!


And then I had a great idea! Some of you may remember that I bought a piece of filet crochet whilst on holiday in August from a second hand stall in the village of Urk in The Netherlands… http://coastalcrochet.com/2015/09/22/crochet-spotting-on-holiday/

Well, I have positioned it behind one of the glass doors and it fits perfectly- WOW!!


It really was meant to be my new little crochet cupboard!


I love it!


Now the only question is….do I paint it white!? I have a tendency to want to paint some old furniture white and this has been done very successfully with other pieces of furniture in our house. But I’m not sure about this one. My feeling is to leave it as it is but I’m open to suggestions!

Happy Crocheting everyone!


  1. That is the cutest thing! And how wonderful that your piece of crochet fitted so well – they were made for each other. It looks in very good condition – an absolute bargain! It certainly doesn’t NEED to be painted, but, yes, I’d paint it white, and then it will just melt into the wall.

      1. I see from below you have decided to leave it as it is and as others have pointed out, with that roll-top, that is probably the best way forward. It does look lovely as it is. I have just bought a little second-hand cabinet for my hall too! Great crochet minds think alike! It is already painted cream, but the style needs disguising a little, a nice little painting project for the future.

  2. I wonder how you would deal with the runner for the roll down top if you painted it – it might not move so smoothly. I do think another piece of coastal crochet for the other glass door would be perfect though, it is a lovely little cupboard!

  3. Lieve Eleonora, wat a lovely kabinetje! And just a place for your materials and the crochet from Urk. I wouldn’t paint it white, as it stands in the hall with your wooden owl and the small bank. It gets more attention. Enjoy the school-holiday next week, love to all of you, t.Marijke.


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