Second Results and Third Submissions…

In between busy day to day life and recent holiday distractions, I’ve managed to keep crocheting my samples to submit as part of the  International Diploma in Crochet. In August I received my second set of results and I was asked to resubmit two of them. At first I was a little disappointed but of course the whole purpose for undertaking the course is to  improve and refine my skills, and the learning process is enhanced with constructive feedback! So having to resubmit was not so bad after all. It also transpired that I needed to resubmit due to the size and shape rather than the stitch technique- phew!

So here are my third submissions which included the two resubmissions…


A square of triple trebles, a square of trebles inserting the hook between the stitches, a triangle of double crochet starting at the point and a triangle of treble crochet worked to a point.

We’re enjoying some delightful late summer weather at the moment and on a coastal walk at the weekend I took these photos…



I’m trying to use coastal colours for my samples for the International Diploma in Crochet  and the colours I’ve used so far are all represented in these photos –  the light blue sky, the darker blue sea, the greys of the pebbles and the brown of the sand and rocks.

But now I need to add green into that colour palette…


So what to do with the samples that didn’t pass? Well I don’t want to waste those small pieces of work so I’ve decided to turn one into something which I’ll reveal next week!

In the meantime, happy crocheting!


  1. Thank you! I am self taught too (with some help from my mother many years ago!). I’m doing the diploma because I want to get really good! However, I’ve already taken away from the course that there is really no right or wrong way to crochet- just good and bad results! So if your end results look good that’s all that matters! 🙂

  2. Those triangles! I’m drooling, your shaping is so crisp. Good luck with your submissions. Lovely photos too 🙂

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