Crochet Spotting on Holiday!

As many of you know by now, we enjoyed a lovely two week holiday to The Netherlands in August. And now that I am writing a crochet themed blog, I find myself looking out for crochet wherever we go for inspiration, blog content and also because I simply enjoy it.

I love taking photographs too, so photographing crochet is a joy for me. Here are the last few crochet related photographs from that holiday…


This hooded poncho was for sale on a second hand stall at a fabulous street market in Edam.


There were lots of stalls selling crochet at this wonderful market!

There were lots of stalls selling crochet at this wonderful market!


I spotted these crocheted dragons in a window…


These blankets were draped over this chair outside a little shop in a place called Urk.


And the gems of my crochet explorations were these two buys from a delightful little table top sale in Urk. There were ladies selling all kinds of second hand as well as handmade items and I couldn’t resist this piece of filet crochet and a 1970’s crochet book for just a few euros! Here they are photographed back at home…

P1060910This piece of crochet with a coastal theme is simply delightful! One of my son’s is helping me photograph it with our English sea as a backdrop.


And this Dutch crochet book published in 1975 (a little older than me!!) is just fabulous. Translated it means ‘Crochet with Pleasure’. My mother can help me translate the patterns but I have had so much enjoyment from simply looking through the pages and seeing all those retro creations! What brilliant inspiration! Here are some of my favourite pages…










Don’t you just love the 70’s!!?

That’s all from our Dutch holiday. Hope you’ve enjoyed some alternative crochet inspiration. Next week I’ll update you with how my crochet for the International Diploma in Crochet is going.

In the meantime Happy Crocheting!


      1. I guess you have a special birthday coming up in the not too distant future then 😉 People were so generous to me when I was forty, what with cash and vouchers I was able to treat myself to all sorts of lovely yarny bits!

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