Sad news – Goodbye Salty…💔

I’m so sorry to be sharing a sad blog post with you all but today we had to say goodbye to our sweet little Salty…💔

She has not been well for some weeks and a scan earlier this week revealed an aggressive cancer. For those of you who have followed me at ‘Coastal Crochet’ you’ll know what a big part of my crochet journey Salty has been and therefore why it’s important I share this extremely sad news with you all.

And oh how sad we feel at loosing such a sweet, lovely, gorgeous little dog.

Often seen by my side and featured alongside many of my crochet creations as well as being the basis for some of my crochet designs, Salty has been with me at Coastal Crochet from the very start.

Bringing her into our family nearly 12 years ago was one of the best things we ever did. She has been perfect for us in every way.

I know that so many of you have enjoyed seeing her here with me over the years and will share my heartbreak. 🙁

Thank you dear Salty for everything … it was a complete and utter pleasure to have you in our lives and we will miss you more than words can ever say…💔😢🌈

I’ll simply leave you with a selection of some of my favourite Salty ‘Coastal Crochet’ photos from over the years…❤️

As a puppy…❤️
And with my Daddy… ❤️



  1. Sorry for ur loss, she is a really beautiful dog. Thanks for sharing those amazing photos, she defintely had a beautiful life with you 🙂 I loved how she inclinded her head in some photos.

  2. So sorry to hear about Salty, I have been following you and Salty for a long time. I have a 12 yr old Schnauzer myself so I really feel your pain. You have such lovely memories to keep with all your beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing Salty with us x

  3. That is very sad to hear about Salty .
    She will remain in your heart forever ♥️.
    There is just something about a dog that humans can’t give you x

  4. My heart breaks for you and your family. Salty was so precious and always made me smile from so far away. The pictures and memories you posted are priceless and I will miss her. Love to you and your family.

  5. Such beautiful photos and beautiful memories. Salty was one in a million and we are all going to miss her – though of course not as much as you will. Sending all love (and I love the pic of her laughing at you in the water <3

  6. I am so sorry to hear this. We are so close to our pets and that makes it so hard to loose them.

  7. Such a sad time for you, we always knew where you were on the crochet photos Salty would be too.

  8. aww, poor baby. She will be sorely missed but rest assured you did the right thing. I’ve shared many photos of Salty with my coworkers who greatly enjoyed her sweet poses and antics even though they aren’t crocheters.

  9. I have only just seen this Eleanora. I am so sorry for the loss of your dear Salty. It is always hard to lose a furry friend. RIP in doggy heaven Salty ❤️

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