New Designs for King Cole… Cardigans and Jumpers!

Hi there everyone… here’s a blog post with more details about the four crocheted garments which King Cole commissioned me to design for them – fully inspired by granny squares!

I was working on these designs earlier in the year whilst many of you were crocheting my ‘Postcards with Love’ blanket. A couple of months in which I completely immersed myself in garment design… whilst admiring all your blankets in progress! 😍

All your local King Cole stockists should be able to order a copy in for you. The Knitting Network now have the patterns in stock too… here are the links to get one:

Cardigans (Design 5943):

Jumpers (Design 5944):

The patterns are available in print only at the moment with the option for digital download coming soon – King Cole like to make their new patterns available through shops only to begin with to help support yarn shops.

There two separate patterns with two options within each pattern.

I created a long cardigan with an alternative cropped 1/2 sleeve version…These are in Design Pattern Pamphlet 5943 from King Cole.

Photos by John Eckart Photography for King Cole! 💕

And I also designed a long sleeved jumper with an alternative capped sleeve top… These are in Design Pattern Pamphlet 5944 from King Cole.

Photos by John Eckart Photography for King Cole! 💕

I love them so much – they’re designs I’m super happy with and genuinely lovely to wear. I wore a sample of the pink cardigan to Yarndale at the weekend which was wonderful! I’ll be sharing more about that lovely weekend in another blog post soon. Wearing the cardigan was just perfect.

Here I am at Yarndale together with my daughter and niece…

And here I am at Yarndale with Lindsay from the ‘Making Stitches Podcast’ – so lovely to finally meet in person.

All four garments are made by joining motifs inspired by granny squares. The motifs on the jumper and capped sleeve top are different to the motifs on the cardigans but they complement each other beautifully.

They are a boxy shape and relaxed fit, with plenty of ease and dropped shoulders but I’ve also incorporated a little shaping in the sleeves.

Granny square jumpers can often have minimal shaping and can have big jumps in-between sizes but I’ve designed these to have smaller jumps in-between sizes so there are 6 sizes in total from Small through to 3X.
To fit bust sizes as follows: (28–34 inches), (36–38 in), (40–42 in), (44–46 in), (48–50 in) and (52–54 in).

I’m super happy with the under arm shaping I’ve created and also the shaping around the neck.

I also designed a new way of joining the squares. New to me anyway! Maybe someone else has done it previously but I’ve not come across it before. 😄

My daughter and I really enjoyed modelling these back in June just before I sent the samples off to the team at King Cole… they’re such a joy to wear!

Spot Salty! 💙🐾

These patterns were brilliantly tested for me by a couple of my lovely crochet friends. Liz did the long cardigan, seen here on my daughter…

And Amanda from Nanny Bears Crochet did the capped sleeve top, seen here on her daughter!

It’s been a joy to design and crochet these. I genuinely love wearing them and I hope that many of you will choose to crochet one too!

Happy Crocheting Everyone! 🥰😁💙


  1. I just love these designs, thank you so much. The major issue for me is that these items are so wearable.

  2. I think that long cardigan would be just the thing for snuggling in this winter now we are keeping the heating low. I will look out for the pattern.

  3. Oh wow! Can’t believe my face popped in there!!! I spotted your cardy on Saturday and meant to mention how lovely it looked but there was so much to talk about I forgot!! These are gorgeous and a granny square jumper/cardigan has been on my to-make list for so long! 😘

  4. I love the long line jacket. I actually purchased this pattern from Knitting Network on 27th August this year and hope to make it at some point. I have so many items on my ‘to do list’. I had hoped to start my ‘Postcards with love’ blanket in July but that is looking like November now! Can’t wait to make a start on that but even that will be a make in between other items. I love the ribbed cuffs on the longline jacket Eleonora. Will you be designing another blanket in the near future?

  5. What a wonderful selection of granny square cardigans and jumpers. You have been busy. My favourite is the long blue one though I think that is partly the colour. I love making granny type squares. It’s obviously not join-as-you-go but is the joining a crochet method? I’m not very good at sewing.

  6. Love this, just what I needed. I’m working on a cardi with a daisy granny and was trying to swing it… now I don’t have to. The only problem is that the pattern seems to be out of stock. Am I right?

  7. the cardigans and jumpers look fab. i have ordered my patterns and cant wait for them to arrive. i want more winter woolies to save on heating and I have plenty of odd yarn to use up. I am sure that as usual you will have given clear instructions and I will be able to lengthen the jumper to cover my ample frame. thanks a million

  8. just bought these patterns from the knitting network and plan on doing them for my granddaughter for christmas. I am just wondering if you have a tutorial on how to do the squares. I am more of a knitting person and struggle to read crocheting patterns. I always find it better to watch someone along with reading the pattern at the same time.

  9. Hi, loving this pattern but struggling with the top of sleeve! Sorry but I don’t understand where to join the yarn. Thanks for any help.

  10. Love these. My daughter in law would love a tank top type. Do you think it would be easy to adapt?

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