Granny Square Day 2022!

August 15th is ‘Granny Square Day’ and I’m very honoured and excited that the team at Simply Crochet Magazine have asked me to be a ‘Granny Square Day Ambassador’ for the event… yay! That’s a role I’m absolutely delighted to embrace!! 😁

And to celebrate the event, I’ve designed two all new squares which will be released here on my blog on the actual day, August 15th. I can’t wait to show you them… I’m pretty pleased with how they look! 😄

In the meantime, here are the patterns for two Granny Squares which I designed back in 2019 and in 2020 for the Hobbycraft Granny Square Month CAL. For the first time they’re available here on my blog:

Starfish Granny Square Pattern:

Ammonite Granny Square Pattern:

I’ll also be sharing some exciting new granny square inspired projects in the lead up… it’s all about the squares, and as Granny Square Day Ambassador, I’m keen to showcase examples of what can be achieved with these squares! 😄

Sharing your square on social media, particularly Instagram, on 15th August means you’ll be a part of the biggest virtual crochet blanket. It’s amazing how virtual granny square blankets can be created through the images on our screens… here’s a grid made up of photos of crocheted squares which I’ve made over the years…

Some of these squares have featured in previous blankets of mine, some have been individual squares and one has formed part of a garment. Endless possibilities with these crocheted squares!

You can also see a couple of traditional granny squares in there too… where would we be without the humble granny square?! 😁

Yes, it might be all that some people think of when someone mentions “crochet” and we all know that there’s soooo much more to crochet than just the humble granny square. But those perfect squares, the mathematical calculation to get them laying flat, the endless colour possibilities and unique iconic look, have truly been a base of inspiration for so much modern crochet! 😍

I’m forever grateful to the humble granny square!

There are three other Granny Square Day Ambassadors alongside me this year:

Marianne Rawlins – @mazcrochets

Anna Nikipirowicz – @annanikipirowicz

and Johanna Lindahl – @mijocrochet

Between us we’re here to inspire and promote all things granny square for this fun event! So get thinking about what granny squares you might like to crochet. Anything goes… so long as it’s square and can fit fully into a square photo. Be creative!!

By sharing your square and using the hashtag #GrannySquareDay2022 on 15th August your square can be part of it all on the day!!

The event was originally created in 2014 by the US crochet whizz Susan Regalia, who realised that Instagram’s iconic grid format could be used to replicate the patchwork arrangement of the classic granny square blanket online. Others quickly caught onto the idea and so Granny Square Day was born – a chance for a worldwide community to come together and celebrate what they love. “A blanket is a gift of comfort and love,” says Susan. “When any of us view or contribute some of these granny squares, it’s as though we join in a giant world hug with each other!”

Susan handed over the hosting of the event to the team at Simply Crochet and there’s more from the team here:

And here’s the press release from the team at Simply Crochet:

Simply Crochet is thrilled to be celebrating a 4thyear hosting Granny Square Day, a huge Instagram event where the crochet community from around the world come together to make crochet granny squares and share them using the hashtag #grannysquareday2022 resulting in the BIGGEST VIRTUAL CROCHET BLANKET IN THE WORLD!”

There’s also a theme this year which is ‘All about you’, and the team at Sinply Crochet are inviting the following:

We are asking you, the participants, to make a square that represents something about your life; where you live, a favourite hobby or food – anything you want! This is the perfect opportunity to express yourself through crochet.”

I’ll be encouraging you all along the way…🥰

Happy Crocheting Everyone… 😄😄


  1. Leonora, congrats! I love the brightness of your designs. They pick us up and make us actually feel the cours. Your designs are also very well thought out and easy to follow. Thank you ever so much.

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