Postcards with Love…

And so it nearly begins… another crochet-along blanket journey approaches. I’m soooo looking forward to this one! 😄

This blog post gives you all a little more information about the new blanket which I’ve designed for fabulous yarn company ‘King Cole’ who are a joy to work with. And this blanket is oh so very special to me…💙

The blanket is called ‘Postcards with Love…’ and the construction and stitches used in this new blanket design are fully inspired by the sending of postcards. How wonderful is that?! 😄

This morning the team at King Cole gave an announcement in their Facebook Group

This stunning photo was taken by the team at King Cole in Staithes, North East England (thanks Jessie for letting me know)… I love it! 😍

The Crochet-Along is not starting until 23rd May but this gives you all plenty of time to get your yarns at the ready and plan ahead. The pattern will be published in weekly instalments over on the King Cole website here:

I’ll be posting blog posts here on my website too, directly linking to King Cole, so you won’t miss anything.

I didn’t take the photo above… it was taken by the team at King Cole and I’ve been reliably informed by a lovely follower that it’s taken at Saltburn by the Sea, a long way away from me! 🌊
This photo is taken back on my local beach… 😄💙

Yarn Packs are now available from many stockists including the Knitting Network. I earn a small amount of commission for yarn purchased from the Knitting Network through the links below at no extra cost to you…

Cottonsoft Packs:

Big Value Packs:

Inspiration for my blankets can come from so many places. Of course there are the direct sights and sounds of the sea which I so often use, but the idea for this postcard inspired blanket came whilst I was simply walking along the beach.

As I was contemplating themes for a new blanket for King Cole I found myself reflecting on the last couple of years and times when due to Covid we were not able to see family and friends who live further afield – I myself have not been to The Netherlands to see family and friends for over 2 years now…

And I found myself thinking about how we keep in touch with loved ones, despite the distance. Yes we have phones and all kinds of social media to keep connected, but somehow the sending of a physical postcard gives a little extra tangible connection with loved ones far away and it’s always such a nice surprise to have a postcard pop through the letterbox! 🥰

So ‘Postcards with Love’ is the theme I chose and how I’ve absolutely loved embracing this heartfelt theme and crocheting postcards! 💙

Even the choosing of a postcard can be a fun process and here are a few postcard filled stands on Brighton Beach, just along the coast from me…

So many postcards to choose from! 😄😍💙

As usual I do find myself drawn to the coastal themes…

But of course there are plenty of others to choose from too… especially when sent from places around the world!

And at the centre of them all is a message we write to simply say….

This is a good time to share a quintessential Salty photo isn’t it… She has to make an appearance next to my blankets doesn’t she?! And there’s a message on a crocheted postcard… 😃🥰😍

Choosing the colours for this blanket was joyous. There had to be some red for hearts and flowers, there had to be some blue for the sea and sky and of course there had to be a little navy for the ink to write our cards with!

I hope you love them as much as I do. Here’s the shopping list of yarns you’ll need:

I used 9 colours of King Cole yarns to create my blanket. My original design was crocheted using King Cole ‘Cottonsoft DK’ which has been an absolute joy to crochet with. I do so love a cotton blanket. But I’ve also crocheted an acrylic version too using King Cole ‘Big Value DK’.

I used a 4mm hook with the Cottonsoft DK and a 4.5mm with the Big Value DK. But you might need to use a different size depending on your tension.


Here’s my tension for the yarns used:
Using Cottonsoft DK: 18 standard treble stitches across and 11 rows measures 10cm x 10cm using a 4.0mm hook.
Using Big Value DK: 17 standard treble stitches across and 10 rows measures 10cm x 10cm using a 4.5mm hook.

The finished blanket measures approximately 122cm x 122cm (48in x 48in) using King Cole Cottonsoft DK and 127cm x 127cm (50in x 50in) using Big Value DK.

For now that’s all you need to start getting ready to crochet this blanket alongside others from all over the globe on 23rd May. That’s such an exciting thought…💙

I had this blanket on my hooks throughout the winter months and I have so many photos to share with you all… I’ll be doing that over on my Facebook and Instagram to build a little excitement over the coming weeks. Do spread the word if you can – the more the merrier and if you haven’t already, do join the Facebook groups:

King Cole Craft Along #CAL and

Coastal Crochet

They’re great places to start connecting with others who might be crocheting along. And over on Instagram use the hashtags: #postcardswithloveblanket #kingcolecal and #coastalcrochetcal

I’m soooo looking forward to sharing more about this blanket with you all in the coming weeks…. in the meantime, Happy Crocheting! 🙂


  1. Another masterpiece!! “Postcards with love” is a must must-do. Thank you for your time and imagination, your talent and especially your love of crochet.

  2. Looks lovely. I’m not a King Cole yarn fan, so i shall look at Stylecraft special colours and see if I can match as close as I xan

  3. You do create such fun blankets. Bit of a shame really that I have so little time for creating other people’s blankets as I’ve started creating patterns of my own.

  4. Thank you Eleanora for one more blog post packed with ideas !!!You should prepare a master class about the art of writing enticing blog posts !!!!

  5. I’m so excited to see this. You are very talented. I love your patterns and clear instructions. Your stash buster was my first crocheted project and I’m just completing my second Beachcombing blanket. I wish I was faster or had more time but I know its not about keeping up. Looking forward to doing this immensely xx

  6. Ordered my cottonsoft! Could not get sage but heyho…celery will have to do. I just loved doing the last tropical project. Thank you Eleanora.

  7. Love love love it….. but I have to finish a baby blanket, the other half of my second changing tides blanket, and sitting here in its box is the seaside celebration blanket waiting patiently to be started. Can I resist something completely new, and a CAL too?? Of course not. I better get ordering, we have a summer of trips in our motorhome, so plenty of time ❤️🤗 she says crossing her fingers! 😹

  8. Oh wow another stunner. Will we be learning to crochet the lettering as well? Staithes is beautiful and not too far away from me

  9. I wasn’t going to do another CAL until some of my other projects were finished, but now I’ve seen it, I will simply have to do it …. asap. Another fantastic design, thank you l

  10. So looking forward to this , I was at work and saw the fb post in my lunch hour , I so need another blanket in my life , such a joy to behold , thankyou

  11. Oh wow! I retired to the seaside (St Anne’s in Lancashire) a few years ago, and am now a mature student at art college….but my course finishes just as your CAL starts, so guess what I’ll be doing next!!! Thank you thank you thank you x

  12. What a beautiful blanket, so unusual, very clever. I’ve too much on to make it now but will be adding it to my list.

  13. Your new blanket looks amazing Eleonora. I will not be able to join in the CAL but will be following the weekly videos and your blog which is always so enjoyable. I will of course be downloading the pattern every week, in order to make the blanket in the future

  14. Omg I absolutely LOVE these colours and the pics so far!! Cannot wait to get started on this! Thank you for enthusing me to do a new blanket- I am so excited!!

  15. Just love the new blanket Eleonora. Of course I don’t need another blanket, neither do I need another project but of course I know I can’t resist the pleasure of making this blanket. Sadly though I can’t find an online retailer with all the colours in stock in either yarn. What a nuisance. Might have to use different yarn I guess.

  16. Hmmmm. Now can I intercept another yarn parcel without hubby seeing? Finished the beachcomber, not doing picnic, have the sunset kit ….. ooooo what shall I do 😱

  17. Hi Eleonora. This is such a fun design. I’m really looking forward to the CAL. Have just ordered my Cottonsoft yarn so I’ll be ready to start. Looking forward to making another treasure like your beachcomber blanket and feeling proud of my achievement. Thank you for the crochet inspiration xx

  18. So looking forward to another one of your CALs Eleonora. (I so don’t need another blanket so I’m thinking of using it as a fundraiser for a charity). Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could all send you a postcard? Do you have a Post Box we could send to for you or would your local PO accept mail for you? (I know you won’t be able to give us your personal address). We are from all over the world and how wonderful if you were swamped with lovely postcard 😍 Thank you again for generously sharing another one of your fabulous designs. Jane xx

    1. Hi Jane… what a wonderful idea! I don’t have a post box address though! But I plan to share lots of ‘postcards’ in the form of photos and videos during the CAL… I’m really looking forward to it! 💙💙💙

  19. Really looking forward to having a go at this – I have only done basic crochet and will have to refresh my stitch knowledge really looking forward to attempting this lovely inspirational pattern especially as I live by the sea!

  20. I’m so excited to start this! 5 days!!!!🤗📮❣💕 😁
    🗣I caaaaaan’t waaaaaait!!! 🤭🤗😁

  21. I just purchased yarn for this and I’m so excited to join as my first crochet along! The blanket it absolutely stunning – fabulous design! 😍

  22. I am loving doing this project. I have never done anything as detailed before but I’m delighted with how it has gone so far (the tutorials were a great support). Can anyone tell me are the chains just left loose at the back of the “With llove” blocks??? I would be really grateful to hear what other crocheters have to say ❤️

    1. Hi Elizabeth… I’m so happy you’re enjoying it. I have left my chains at the back. You can crochet over them but then the colour shows to the front and it’s not as crisp. Some people do secure them down with a few sewing stitches… but I don’t mind them. Good luck! 🥰💙💙

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