Seaside Celebration Blanket!

Hello… and welcome to my first blog post of 2022! 💙 I hope you’ve all had a good start to the new year…

I’m very happy to introduce my ‘Seaside Celebration’ Blanket which is a slightly smaller version of my original ‘Seaside Stash Busting Blanket’!

On 19th January it will be exactly 4 years since my Seaside Stash Busting Blanket crochet-along was launched! That blanket will always hold a very special place in my heart… 💙

It was my first published blanket design, it was the first crochet-along I hosted and I know that many friendships were made around the world through that blanket, including for me. People crocheted along with me for 35 weeks and a wonderful community of crocheters formed around that blanket which continues to this day! 💙

The Seaside Stash Busting Blanket continues to be one of my most popular designs with thousands of blankets having been crocheted all around the world, each one with a beautiful story to tell through the person who crocheted it, where they were whilst crocheting it and for who it was made! 💙

Some of those stories have been shared with me over the years and I always feel so very touched that a crochet design from within me has sparked something somewhere else in the world… oh the positive force of crochet and creating, and for me the Seaside Stash Busting Blanket encompassed all the good things that can come from crocheting together, whether that’s in person or virtually.

So yes, it’s a very special blanket indeed! 💙

The original Seaside Stash Busting Blanket with me on our local beach back in 2018!

So to celebrate 4 years since the launch of the original blanket, I’ve crocheted it all over again for a special anniversary edition – a ‘Seaside Celebration’ Blanket! This time not using yarns in my stash but using 10 gorgeous colours of Emu Yarns (11 x 100g balls in total), an acrylic yarn that I can wholeheartedly recommend. I’ve also made this anniversary edition a little smaller than the original blanket.

Yarn packs which include all the Emu yarns you’ll need together with the full printed pattern are available from the Knitting Network and it’s been added to my ‘Coastal Crochet Collection’ page I have with them. It’s always a pleasure for me to work with the lovely team at the Knitting Network who make it easy for me to make kits available to you all.


I earn a small amount of commission for each pack sold through the link above which is very much appreciated.

The pattern for this blanket is also available on its own direct from me in my Ravelry and Etsy stores:



And shade cards have been created by Veronica at ‘Simply Shade Cards’ for those of you using the Emu yarns and they’re available here…

They’re really lovely and it’s always nice for me to be able to support a small business…

This ‘Seaside Celebration’ Blanket is a separate pattern to my original ‘Seaside Stash Busting Blanket’ because although the stitches are the same as in the original Seaside Stash Busting Blanket, some of the rows in this new version start and end differently. This is because the ‘Seaside Celebration’ Blanket has fewer stitches than the original. It has 156 stitches across, whereas the original Seaside Stash Busting Blanket is 180 stitches. It therefore comes up a little smaller and also has fewer rows. The finished blanket measures approximately 102cm x 120cm (40 x 47in)

Photography disc also available from ‘Simply Shade Cards’

A question which I’m often asked about my Seaside Stash Busting Blanket is “how many stitches can I use to make it smaller?” There isn’t an easy answer to this question because I didn’t base the original blanket pattern on a particular stitch multiple. Because I designed it as we went (it was a 35 week crochet along), I adjusted each row to keep consistent with my 180 sts and any new suggestions of stitch numbers just wouldn’t work with the pattern without the need for adjustments at the start or end of some rows.

So when I decided to crochet the blanket again it made sense to try a smaller version. This took quite some thought and yes, some good old maths skills, to work out which new stitch count would work best and 156 stitches works very well for a lot of the stitch patterns. I have inevitably had to adjust the beginnings and ends of some rows and write these into the pattern. Hence this ‘Seaside Celebration’ Blanket is a little like a whole new pattern!

It’s been a joy to have this on my hooks again. I really loved revisiting the pattern and I absolutely loved choosing new colours from the Emu range. I’m so happy with how it’s turned out…

Salty enjoying the sunshine!

It’s been a pretty grey and dreary start to 2022 here on the south east coast of England. It seemed we were having endless grey damp days through Christmas and into the new year. My blanket was done, the new pattern was written up but there just weren’t any opportunities for any sunny seaside photos to showcase the new blanket!

I waited patiently until at last, on 5th January the sun made a glorious appearance. I managed to get these photos in Brighton with the blanket draped over the gorgeously green seafront railings…

That’s the famous Palace Pier in the background.

And here are a couple of photos taken on Brighton Beach…

The grey days returned for the rest of the week up until these last couple of days when we’ve seen the welcome return of some winter sunshine once again!

Which has been perfect for capturing the sea sunsets together with my blanket…

It’s been beautiful down on the beach these last couple of evenings… cold and crisp with calming seas and stunning sunsets. Here’s a little video footage from yesterday evening to share with you…

And the colour of that silver blue sea as the sun goes down is truly spectacular… it never ceases to leave me spellbound!

And with the sun down there are fabulous opportunities to have some fun with silhouette’s…

My daughter striking a pose! 🥰💖
And one of my sons! 😁

And a piece of driftwood provided a brilliant prop for my blanket on the beach…

So there you have it… a beautiful Seaside Celebration!

I’m not hosting this blanket as a crochet-along but please do share progress photos of your blankets if you decide to give this one a go. By sharing your progress over on Instagram or in the Facebook Group you’ll discover that you are in fact crocheting along with others!

Enjoy it… and as always, Happy Crocheting! 😃💙


  1. This is lovely of you, you are so generous but I think I’ll purchase this new version.
    I love Brighton.
    From a London girl who usually lives in New Zealand but is having a two year hiatus ( could be longer) in southern Spain and in the middle of making the larger one!

    1. What, you have only been on our screens and hooks for 4 years!!!!!!!! Can’t quite believe it, although I could count up by blankets. Love the colours in this one – you are superb at choosing the right colours to emulate what you see in nature. But even if I wasn’t a crocheter I would always watch for your spectacular sunsets, and videos. They are a real evocation of the place, so thank you for those too. No-one else produces videos like your do, which complement your work and place the completed, beloved blanket in an appropriate scene, often with the wonderful, delightful Salty placed in full view, clearly a fan!! Keep up the stunning work and videos, they are wonderful to watch, in fact I often play the videos of the sea, sight and sounds, whilst I crochet. So looking forward to making this colourful anniversary blanket. Thank you for keeping me busy and thanks for all the care you take in producing, designing, instructing and generally holding us by the crochet hand.

      1. Dear Jackie… what a lovely comment to read! Thank you so much… I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know how much you appreciate my crochet work! I will do my best to keep it coming! 😁💙💙💙

  2. Oh what a beautiful colours, I going to try or I can order it to Holland. I cant’t stop making this pattern again. ( I even made a little one for our cat, course he is allways sitting on my work).You made time great while crocheting with this pattern I could forget the trouble a little were we in are now.

  3. Lovely blog post , I keep telling myself I don’t need a new blanket kit ( still have two on the go ) but couldn’t resist this one from all the delightful pictures you have put on here , so it’s ordered , love the silhouettes , it’s lovely that your family share your enthusiasm for a new project ,

  4. enjoyed the blog post. I have made them all and this one is smaller but just as beautiful. Thank you again for all your working in posting these. Not sure when I will order this I have 3 on my hook right now.

  5. Eleonora, this is a truly gorgeous blanket and so cheering for these grey days. I love your pics – especially the silhouettes of your son and daughter.
    Yes the sunsets the last couple of days have been stunning. I also live on the south coast and have enjoyed them while walking my dog too!
    Its always a pleasure to read your blog, and thanks for all the lovely patterns – I hope to find time to make this one in a few weeks time when I’m less busy at work.
    Eve x

  6. Such a lovely blanket Eleonora! I love the colours and the fact that it is a little bit smaller than the original seaside blanket. I would love to have a go at this but have several other projects to finish up first! Thanks for all the great supplementary stories and pictures too! Stef x

  7. I love your blanket CAL’s! So excited to purchase and get started on this one! North Carolina will be there right along with this Seaside Celebration.

  8. Hello Eleonora, I love your work, my friend has completed your Seaside Celebration blanket and recommended I have a go. (She’s now doing another of yours). I have ordered the yarn (I was going to try another blanket but the yarn for that was out of stock) but can only find tutorials on You Tube for weeks 2 onwards and I need week 1 in order to get started without pestering my friend! Are you able to re-load the week 1 tutorial on your website and/or YouTube please? I can see week Ones for your other work, just not the one I need! I will order the pattern too so I can finally learn to read patterns. I’m a new retiree, having retired just 4 weeks ago and can’t wait to get started 🙂

  9. I love both of these blankets. I am not very good at following patterns. Is there a video tutorial I can purchase?

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