Granny Square Day 2021

Today is ‘Granny Square Day’ – yay! 😄 A day to celebrate the humble but iconic and oh so fabulous granny square! 😄 Instantly recognisable as crochet and something so many of us feel a warm and nostalgic feeling for…

Granny Square Day is hosted by Simply Crochet Magazine across their social media, but in particular Instagram, where the crochet community from all around the world come together to crochet granny squares and share photos of them on Instagram using the hashtag #grannysquareday2021 resulting in the biggest virtual crochet blanket in the world!

By the end of the day, look through the hashtag and you’ll see a huge virtual granny square blanket! Last year, many thousands of squares were shared and here’s a very small selection put together in a couple of collages by the team at Simply Crochet:

I’m really looking forward to seeing all the squares this year! There’s more information and links to some free granny square patterns for you to try here…

Simply Crochet Magazine also have a special Granny Square supplement which comes with the new issue of the magazine which is out now (issue 113) and I’ve designed 2 squares for this.

Here’s the front cover… any guesses which is my square? 😄😉

Yep… I designed a picnic granny square! How could I resist a picnic inspired square after all the picnic crochet we’ve enjoyed this year! And it’s been called ‘Fairy Picnic’! 😄

And I also designed a sunset inspired square…☀️

The patterns for both of these squares are in the supplement of the magazine.

And here’s a little top tip from me, which I recorded last week during our holiday, to be shared over on the Simply Crochet Instagram Stories later today…

Last year for Granny Square Day I designed a ‘Life Bouy’ granny square and the pattern is available in a special Granny Square magazine out now…

Many of us may have started our crochet journey by learning to crochet a simple granny square. And many of us may have crochet memories from the 1970s which involve a granny square!

My brother and I were born in the late 1970s and here are photos of my brother as a baby with the granny square blanket our dear aunt made for him with the actual blanket that we still have!

Of course there’s so much more to crochet than the humble granny square. And of course there are many variations to the classic granny square with all kinds of crochet squares that can somehow relate back to that original classic!

It was only a few years ago, back in 2017, that I actually crocheted my very first classic granny square blanket…

And I’ve absolutely loved designing and making more crochet blankets with various squares…

My Beachcombing Blanket
My Tropical Shores Blanket

And here’s my Changing Tides Blanket which starts out as a square and then just gets bigger and bigger! That’s another wonderful characteristic of the fabulous Granny Square – you can go as big or small as you want… just keep going until you’re happy!

My Changing Tides Blanket

Do have fun playing around with your hooks and yarn today… why not make a simple classic granny square if you haven’t crocheted one in a while or try something more adventurous if you haven’t before… either way, enjoy! 🙂

And remember to use the hashtag: #grannysquareday2021

Happy Granny Square crocheting Everyone! 😃😃


    1. Love granny’s. It can be fancy, or plain but always beautiful. Great way to use tails, remnants, odd bits and balls that no longer have labels. YEA for grannies!!!

  1. Oh so beautiful. I have a daughter (of the heart, not born to me, but she treats me like a mom) that would just die for the Beach blanket.

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