Picnic by the River…

Update June 2022: The pattern for this blanket is now available to purchase on its own in my Ravelry and Etsy stores! 😄💙

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/1253185719/picnic-by-the-river-blanket

Ravelry: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/picnic-by-the-river-blanket

Original Blog Post: How about a ‘Picnic by the River’?! 😄💚 When I mentioned that my hooks have been super busy behind the scenes, they really have been, and over the last few months I’ve designed 3 very different crocheted blankets.

Of course the first one is my very own ‘Picnic on the Beach’ blanket which starts as a ‘crochet along’ in just three weeks time. All the details are here: Picnic on the Beach Blanket

But I can now let you all know about the second blanket that’s been on my hooks – it’s called ‘Picnic by the River’! This is a crochet along (CAL) blanket I have designed for ‘Little Box of Crochet’ and will be an 8 week CAL starting on 30th April, 2 weeks after mine is finished.

Let me tell you how the design came about because yes, there are two crocheted picnics to enjoy! 😁

When I was at the beginning stages of designing my own ‘Picnic on the Beach’ blanket last year, Amanda from Little Box of Crochet’ and I were chatting about designing a blanket CAL especially for Little Box of Crochet… we were talking about themes and Amanda suggested a picnic theme! I hadn’t told anyone about my Picnic on the Beach blanket… it really was uncanny… we had both separately thought of the very same picnic theme for our blankets!

How wonderful it was… great minds think alike and all that! 🥰💙 We decided to go ahead with the picnic theme for both blankets but of course make them different… my blanket inspired by a beachside picnic and then Amanda’s blanket inspired by a riverside picnic.

So it’s been an absolute pleasure for me to immerse myself in all things picnic and design two very different blankets with a common theme.

Amanda lives near some spectacular rivers in North Yorkshire. Due to Covid I’ve sadly been unable to visit but we did manage a trip to Cornwall last summer and I was able to take some wonderful river inspiration photos…

I absolutely loved working with a colour palette inspired by beautiful rivers and chose 11 colours of Stylecraft Special DK for the blanket…

‘Picnic by the River’ with ‘Little Box of Crochet’ will start on 30th April and you’ll need to order the box directly from ‘Little Box of Crochet’ to join in…. all the details are on their website, just click on the link below. The pattern won’t be available anywhere else.

Of course with Little Box of Crochet it’s a very special experience indeed and as well as the yarns there are gorgeous extras and wonderful treats all presented beautifully in a box… it’s more than just a blanket! And the pattern is included. There’s so much more to the experience and of course this is reflected in the price.

Click here for all the details: Picnic by the River with Little Box of Crochet

We have some beautiful rivers near us here on the south east coast but many are tidal rivers which do give them a very different feel and they’re dangerous for swimming. Here’s the Ouse running through Lewes which was a beautiful backdrop for this crocheted cactus…

And here’s a view of the ‘Cuckmere Meanders’ which are wide, shallow, oxbow lakes cut off from the main Cuckmere stream. You can see the sea beyond and that’s where the famous ‘Seven Sisters’ chalk cliffs are… 🙂

The BIG reveal photo for my ‘Picnic by the River’ blanket was shared by ‘Little Box of Crochet’ yesterday and as you can see the blanket is a colourful celebration of a colourful day spent by the river!

I hope you like it! I’m now embarking on the video tutorials for my own ‘Picnic on the Beach’ CAL so there will be less crochet for me over the next few weeks but lots of behind the scenes preparations! 🙂

And here are a few photos from my coastal walks this week… living close to the sea means fresh air is easy to find and being outdoors is so needed at this difficult time… we’re still in a lockdown here in the UK.

Take care and Happy Crocheting Everyone… 🙂 🙂


  1. Thank you for all you’ve done, you have been busy!!! Love all 3 blankets you’ve designed but going to see how my Autumn one goes first as my arthritis is a bummer in my hands!!! The pictures keep me going thinking of better days to come wow can’t wait to get to the seaside again. Stay safe and well 💜💕💜😘xxx

  2. I really love this design Eleonar, the colours are brilliant. But the price!! Any chance you will adopt it yourself at a later date? x

      1. Eleonora, if we live in the US, the price (with shipping) is crazy high, plus UK is not shipping to US. Is there any way you can let us know the amount of yarn needed so we could find something comparable in the US? Thank you.

      2. Hi Kathy… Little Box of Crochet do ship to the US but as you say the price is very high which is out of their control. I’ve designed this blanket specifically for little box of crochet which is a subscription box so the pattern and yarn won’t be available anywhere else… 💙💙

  3. Hi Eleonora, that is so pretty. Will definately crochet that Picnic by the River. Just have to move into my new home and then I will start. If I do so now I will not be able to stop.

  4. The Picnic by the River is so cute!! It looks challenging too, but doable. Your instructions are always spot on too!!
    I think I’ll order it!! As my Summer project 🌸🌴🩱🌺😎 🧶 ❤️

  5. Hi Eleonora. Thank you for your email. I have got away with it yet again 🙂 !!!. I asked if this ‘Picnic by the River’ blanket from Little Box of Crochet can be my belated Christmas present and it was agreed. Shame it isn’t coming from you rather than Little Box of Crochet. I know their boxes are a real treat which are lovely to have but I would rarely buy them, as they really are so expensive. Having said that, it will be a special treat and the blanket is too beautiful to miss. Knowing you designed it just made my mind up for me. I know you will have worked it between you so it is a good job it starts a couple of weeks after yours finishes. I will be doing both colourways of your ‘Picnic on the Beach’ blanket at the same time! I had a look at the ‘Little Box of Crochet’ website and I cannot see a picture of the ‘Picnic by the River’ blanket anywhere so good job you are showing it on here x

  6. Picnic on the River is gorgeous, but I do hope at some point it will be possible to buy just the pattern. I never buy yarn packs because (a) I usually like to choose my own colors and yarn and (b) I tend to crochet bigger than most people, so I need more yarn than what the yarn packs would provide.

    1. Hi Wendy… the pattern won’t be available from me separately because I’ve designed this exclusively for Little Box of Crochet. It’s so much more than a yarn pack. The boxes are wonderful and packed with lots of fabulous things… 🙂💙

  7. They are gorgeous. You said there were 3 blankets? Am I missing something? Picnic by the river and the beach picnic one? What is the third one please? X

  8. I assumed by three blankets you meant the two colourways in the Picnic on the Beach and Picnic by the River but did think it strange because Picnic on the Beach is the same design, just two colourways. My goodness Eleonora, if you have a third blanket designed which you will be revealing in a couple of months – you have been so busy!!!

  9. Wow so pretty I will buying this one as well. Not started picinic by the seaside yet. But love the colours of the River blanket.

  10. Can I ask Eleonora, is the third blanket which you will be revealing in a couple of months time, going to be a CAL? If not will there be a printed pattern available or PDF and will Knitting Network be selling the colour packs of yarn?

  11. Supper bummed. I went promptly to their site to order it, but to get it here to Canada it will cost me $160 CAD.

  12. Hi Elenora, I love this blanket soooo much, Its stunning! I’m just wondering if there will be any of your awesome tutorials for the tricky bits? I’ve completed 2 of your previous blankets and I’m going to start the picnic one, but I’m worried that I will get stuck with this one if I buy the kit and there aren’t any tutorials to go with it. ❤️

  13. Well, I’ve succumbed! Your designs are too lovely to miss out on! I’ve managed to keep up with the “picnic on the beach” blanket, and with only 2 weeks left of that one I shall be bereft if I have no crochet on the go! So I have just ordered my “picnic by the river” kit from “Little Box of Crochet”. Can’t wait to find out about blanket #3! Gail (Eastbourne)

  14. Hello Eleonora I love the look of this blanket, do you know if there is going to be video tutorials or is it just a written and pattern thank X

  15. Hai Eleonaro….my picknic on the beach blanket is wonderful…thank you so very much for your efforts to realize the project. Can you tell me the measure of the picnic by the river blanket ???

  16. Hoi Eleonora my picnic on the beach blanket is wonderful…thank so much for your efforts to realize this project….Can you tell me what the finished measure of the picnic by the river blanket is ????I hope the delivery of the yarn to Belgium is possible.

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