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Here’s a Podcast called ‘Making Stitches‘ which is brilliantly produced by fellow Blogger Lindsay. It’s a wonderful podcast for craft lovers and I chatted with Lindsay to contribute to the series back in April and then again recently for the Christmas special. It’s a joy to listen to… Lindsay really does have the perfect soothing podcast voice! 🙂

Lindsay also writes the blog Postcard from Gibraltar. We both started our blogs around the same time five and a half years ago and have followed each other on social media ever since. So when Lindsay asked if I’d like to take part in her latest ‘Making Stitches‘ podcast venture of course I said yes… What a pleasure to finally be able to speak with Lindsay and to hear each other!

The podcast is just amazing and is well worth a listen. It feels like there are friends in the room as you listen to the wonderful, informal and cosy crafty chats. And it’s perfect to listen to whilst crocheting… 🙂

Lindsay introduces her extra special Christmas edition here…

In the new Christmas edition there are lots of lovely chats with various fabulous crafters and I’m about 34 minutes in… I talk about how my experience of hosting the ‘Beachcombing Blanket’ crochet along earlier in the year helped me through the strange lockdown days as much as those taking part… 🙂

Here’s a post from over on the Making Stitches Instagram where I’m quoted as saying:

Listen to the episode by searching for Making Stitches on your favourite podcast app or through this link.

The second episode which was released back in May was an interview with me and here’s the link to that episode… Stitches Coastal Crochet with Eleonora Tully

There have been so many fabulous guests throughout the year including Kerry Lord from ‘Toft’, Amanda Bloom from ‘Little Box of Crochet’, ‘The Crochet Sanctuary’ ladies, Carole Rennison from ‘Yarndale’ and so many more! You can catch up on all the episodes as they’re all still available! 🙂

Maybe during these quieter post Christmas days you’ll get the perfect opportunity to listen to the ‘Making Stitches’ podcast… enjoy!

So how was your Christmas Everyone? I hope there was warmth, love and some creativity in there for you somewhere! Christmas Day for me was a different one but it was a beautiful crisp winters day and we enjoyed a quick Christmas swim in the sea!

There are my two big boys…

It was very cold! Salty knew to stay dry…

And later we enjoyed a sunset walk…

Since Christmas Day we haven’t seen the sun, and we’ve also had Storm ‘Bella’ blow over us. It kept me awake last night listening to the wind and rain! Here on the south east coast of England we’ve also moved into a ‘Tier 4’ lockdown to help combat the pandemic – non essential shops, cafes, restaurants and so many other venues are all closed. So we now have some ‘indoor’ days and I plan on lots of crochet!

Happy Crocheting Everyone… 🙂


  1. Enjoyed your post so much! So sorry to hear that your area has suffered a further shutdown. This certainly has been a difficult year. I’m sure God has a plan. Christmas is always a wonderful time for our family to gather, which is a gift in itself isn’t it? On our way home from our son’s house, it began to snow (which I love). So, between serving at my church the week previous, spending Christmas with my family, our good health and the topping on the cake (snow), we had a lovely Christmas. Hope you did as well.

  2. Thank you for the podcasts info. Yes, they are perfect to listen to while crocheting 🧶 I’m looking forward to finding these.
    Swimming in the sea! Good for you, Always nice to get a morning exercise in. 🏊‍♀️
    Enjoy your Christmas time. I’ve been hearing about the lockdowns in the UK, take care and enjoy your time.

  3. Oh thank you so so much for spreading the word about Making Stitches, as well as for speaking to me for the podcast Eleonora! It was such a treat to be able to reach out and speak to you at last in spring after‘knowing’ each other virtually through our blogs for so long. I really appreciate your help with it, and maybe one day, when the world eventually settles down again our paths will cross in the real world! 🤞Happy Christmas and good in you for your chilly dip! 🌊 Lindsay x

  4. A lovely post from you dear Eleonora and for the introduction to a wonderful new post to add to my podcast regular friends. And I am super impressed to see you swimming in the sea mid winter (but maybe Salty is the most sensible of you all 😬)

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