The 1974 Crocheted Wedding Dress…

Hello Everyone! I hope you are all keeping safe and well… 🙂

My crochet hooks are busy behind the scenes at the moment so whilst I haven’t got any new crochet to show you, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to share a little of my mum’s crocheted wedding dress!

I’ve spoken about my mum’s crocheted wedding dress many times before and it remains an inspiration to me. This blog post is my tribute to the dress which my mum lovingly made and wore back in 1974! Isn’t that just so special… 🙂

I’ll tell you a little more about the wedding dress and show you some recent photos too (yes, fortunately we still have the actual dress)!

I shared the photo above on my Instagram back in September with the caption below and it got such a lovely response.

How I became yarny’… 🥰🧶🧶🧶 Day 3 of the #yarnfriendsrock challenge! Well here are my parents on their wedding day back in 1974 and my mum is wearing a dress which she crocheted herself… amazing to think these photos were taken 46 years ago and it’s such a beautiful dress she crocheted! 😍👗🥰💕 So yarn really has been in my life since Day 1… 🥰🧶 I grew up watching my mum either knit or crochet and my Dutch Oma made an entire wardrobe of clothes for my dolls which included knitted, crocheted and sewn little garments! My aunt was an amazing seamstress too… I was sent to school in hand knitted cardigans and handmade dresses – our home was truly a handmade home! So naturally it didn’t take long for me to get creating myself and I’ve knitted, sewn and crocheted throughout my adult life… so thank you to my creative elders for passing all that yarn love on to me!! 🥰 My mum turned 80 last week and she’s currently knitting a scarf for our 16 year old… it’s looking fabulous! 🧡🧡🧡 It’s so special that the yarn crafting continues… 🧶🧶😍

Lots of people replied with such beautiful words – the photo and words that I wrote certainly touched many people and reminded them of a different era and weddings gone by! As well as being able to relate to that handmade home.

So of course I felt that my mum’s beautiful dress deserved a blog post all of its own! My mum is Dutch and my Dad is English… their wedding took place in an English countryside village and here are some more photos from that day in August 1974…

Crochet was always destined to be a part of me wasn’t it…?! 🙂

My mum used a specific crochet wedding dress pattern which she found in a Dutch magazine but on recommendation from a colleague of hers, rather than follow the stitch counts in the pattern, she based the overall size on an existing well fitting summer dress she had at the time. As the rows progressed and the fabric grew she would hold it up to the existing dress to make sure it matched. In this way, the wedding dress became the perfect fit for her!

I was chatting to my mum about it over WhatsApp video call earlier in the week and she told me that the dress was crocheted as a team effort between both her and her mum (my Dutch grandmother who I called “Oma”). They both crocheted different parts of the dress!

I love that so much… and here are some recent photos I took to really show the dress in more detail…

Isn’t it amazing?! I would love to replicate it one day, maybe in different colours… it really is such a beautifully simple design! Those super tall crochet stitches are really effective.

My mum wore the dress during her honeymoon to Paris too! How wonderful is that… it’s such a beautiful dress but not overly wedding-like so she could walk through the streets of Paris and no one knew she was in a wedding dress! Although of course she must have looked just gorgeous! It’s such a versatile dress…

And now fast forward 46 years and my daughter was happy to model the dress on our local beach!!

It’s so wonderful to see it worn again! And Salty was there too enjoying her time with us on the beach…

A few more beautiful photos… you can really see the dress swish! It has such a beautiful drape and movement in the crocheted fabric…

And honestly, these two photos were taken on the very same day as those above! The sun made a sudden appearance and what a difference to the lighting it makes…

Crochet didn’t feature much in my own wedding in 1999! Following in my mother’s footsteps I did make my own dress but it was a sewn dress made with Nottingham lace…

There were plenty of other handmade features at our wedding from the invitations and place names to my husband’s waistcoat, the cake and flower arrangements… but no crochet! That came later for me…

I had real daisies in my bouquet… how lovely that I designed these crocheted ones for Simply Crochet magazine earlier this year… wouldn’t they make a fabulous wedding bouquet! The pattern is available here…

I did end up crocheting a dress for a special occasion though… here’s my daughter back in 2014 in a dress I made which sparked my own crochet journey! I often think of this dress as the moment when crochet took over my life. I loved crocheting it so very much and was so happy with the end result…

So crocheted dresses for special occasions are so very wonderful and very special to me indeed. My mum’s crocheted wedding dress really is fabulous and something I think very fondly of… I love it so much and hope you’ve enjoyed discovering a little more about it too…

Happy Crocheting Everyone! 🙂 🙂


    1. I have crocheted my wedding gown. It is extravagant! Finally finished it and it took about a year to finish. Now looking to get married next year !

  1. What a beautiful dress and obviously a timeless style as it could easily be worn today. I bet your mom was thrilled to see the pictures of your daughter in the dress. Your wedding dress is so pretty too, what a talented family!!

  2. A beautiful priceless wedding dress handmade by your mom and Oma. The best things in life are handmade with love by family and friends. I have many treasures that my Mom, Grandmother and other family have made since I was a child ( a long, long time ago)!

    The story that goes with each piece is gold.

    Thank you for sharing yours! 😘

  3. Hi Eleonora. That is a beautiful story and a gorgeous dress! It brought back memories for me too. I got married in 1969 but I remember making myself a little crochet suit, not for my wedding but a few years down the line. Twiggy was modelling the suit in the pattern. That was crocheted in cotton and in those days. like Twiggy, I was very skinny, 5’5″ and only weighing around 7st6lb. A totally different story now, partly due to health problems which have multiplied over the years. I remember crocheting my daughter a beautiful little dress when she was young. It buttoned down the front and had a drawstring waist. The bodice was a different stitch from the skirt and it had short sleeves and picot edged everywhere. I still have that pattern. Happy days !!!

  4. Absolutely stunning and amazingly beautiful. Your daughter looks awesome in the Wedding Dress and hopefully it will be a treasured heirloom in your family. In years to come it could become antique and who knows a museum piece or something – a very special treasure to have I’m really in awe. I also made my own wedding dress 50 years ago in 1970!!! and I’m 70 on Sunday so a young bride by today lol xxx

  5. What a lovely and stunning dress. In vogue today and it was in 1974. I also made my own wedding dress in 1971 in Nottingham Lace and I still have it today. Your mum’s wedding photos could have been mine with my mum in the background as one lady looked just like my mum. Thank you so much for sharing such lovely memories.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing the story of your Mom’s dress. Unfortunately I panicked when it came to my wedding dress and I bought my dress. I did make my daughter’s wedding dress though and sand used my wedding dress to make another daughter’s first communion dress. Your Mom and Dad look stunning and so happy – great memories.

  7. What an absolutely fabulous blog post. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes – just thinking how lovely it is that you still have the dress, the photos, your daughter has modelled it perfectly and you live by the sea which is perfect for a photo shoot! What a lovely bride your mum was, very trendy in 1974. Loved the crochet dress you made for your daughter a few years ago – that would make a lovely adult dress if it was upsized. Your post reminded me that my mum sewed her own wedding dress in1960. She had the slimmest waistline!. Sadly my mum and dad divorced, my mum hadn’t much sentimentality for her dress – my sister and I were allowed to play dress up in it and I think we ruined it – how awful that seems now. Mind you, I’d never have fitted it when I got married let alone now 28 years later!

      1. I was just thinking too about my own wedding dress – it lives in a box in my attic. That’s a bit sad – I have a son that will never be interested and my sister never married so I don’t think it will ever be a heirloom in our family! My mum made it, so it’s a treasure, and I couldn’t think of what else it could be turned into.

  8. What a wot post. Your mother looked amazing & then to see your beautiful daughter in the dress was quite emotional. That must of made you cry! It fitted her beautifully. Your wedding dress was so lovely too & the daisys were gorgeous.such a lovely happy post Elenora xx

  9. Such a stunning and absolutely timeless creation. Such an investment of time and love from the wonderful women in your life that has created a circle of love and care and yarn 🧶 focused creation that now reaches right around the world. How glorious and how grateful I am it be a part of this circle. Thank you for sharing this story of connection and interconnection and how we learn the skills that carry us through life and we in turn share them on. We yarners and crafters are indeed lucky folk. Imagine the way we could change this crazy world of stresses and odd political leaders and movements if we could get yarn and hooks and needles into their hands as they sit around in meetings and in chambers of government. Imagine 🧶💚💙💛💜❤️🧡🧶

  10. Wow Eleonora. What an amazing and well deserved response to your blog. It has evoked a lot of memories in many people. It is so lovely that you treasure all these memories and makes, it has been lovely. Thank you so much

  11. What a lovely story and such a talented family. I am currently crocheting your ‘Late summer sunsets Blanket’ and cant wait to see the finished product.
    I am the first to take up crochet in my family. Have you any tips on how to improve? I’d love to crochet a dress. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. You’re very welcome Anna-Marie! Lovely to hear you’re the first crocheter in your family! Just keep crocheting and you will get better and better…. and remember that all stitches begin and end with one loop on the hook so none of them are too difficult! You can crochet anything once you know the basics! 😃❤️❤️

  12. Love this dress! It’s beautiful and so is your mother. 1974 was a great year! ( I graduated from high school) the 70’s were fun times and this dress gives me nostalgia from those peace loving days.

    Thank you for sharing your story ✌️🧶 👗

  13. Wow. Bronwyn looks fab in your mum’s dress and the one you crocheted for her is gorgeous . And you look a totally beautiful bride in your own wedding dress. Xx

  14. This puts me back in time to the 70’s. I think most of us made our own dresses. There was a magazine called “Golden Hands” that got me started in crochet. They had beautiful patterns for infant batisim dresses and a georgeous wedding coat. I laugh when I see a pattern on the internet that started in those publications. They eventually combined them all into hard back editions which I have up in the attic. Time to dig them out again!

    1. Hi Bonnie. I too, have the complete set of ‘Golden Hands’ in binders, in the loft. Just hoping there are no mice up there to have got to them and damaged them. Would be lovely to look through them again. This blog has brought back a lot of memories. I remember crocheting a work colleague a dress in the 70s, it was 4 ply and I would never have dreamt of attempting to knit a dress in 4ply, she was quite tall and biggish build!

  15. What a beautiful, beautiful dress! And such a wonderfully written blog and photos – a lovely tribute. It made me smile and feel emotional. Thank you for sharing. xx

  16. That’s lovely! Some years ago the women in my office all brought their wedding photos in. We had an fantastic selection from 1950s onwards. They gave a fascinating Insight into the fashions of each era, not just of wedding dresses but formal men’s and women’s clothes, including hats.

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