Salty goes to Bristol and models for Simply Crochet!

Salty and I went on a wonderful crochet adventure back in February… it was Valentine’s Day to be precise and I’m so excited to finally share it with you all. Because here’s the result of that adventure… Salty has modelled for Simply Crochet Magazine!! 🙂 🙂

I have to say I think this is the loveliest front cover from Simply Crochet magazine ever – and I’m not just saying that because Salty made it to the cover too! It really is a wonderful issue and the styling on that cover is sublime… 🙂

I designed this crocheted dog bandana for Issue 96 which is out tomorrow although many subscribers have received their copy already… just look at that full page spread of our Salty! 🙂

Let me share with you how it all came about… 🙂

As part of my design proposal for the dog bandana I submitted this photo of Salty…

…and Sara Huntington, the fabulous editor of the magazine asked if I’d like to visit with Salty for her to be the actual model for the bandana in the magazine. How could I resist that invitation?! Dates with the photo studio had already been arranged and luckily it was a date which I was able to do.

I’m very aware that so many opportunities for people have been disrupted or stopped due to the current Coronavirus pandemic. Plus there’s the ongoing worry for our health. So many plans, events, trips, meetings, community groups, work and commitments turned upside down. These are such strange and uncertain times. So I really am very grateful that Salty and I were able to have this opportunity just in time because it was a truly special day! 🙂

So on Friday 14th February, Salty and I caught a very early train to Bristol…

I met Sara at Bristol train station. Having met in person at Yarndale a couple of times and having regular email contact in relation to design commissions it was so lovely to meet again and we took a stroll through a park en route to the photo studio to give Salty a chance to have a run around after the long train journey. We came across a special yarn bombed tree called ‘Holly’s Pombombs’…

And then how brilliant it was to see the photo studio (theshed_photostudio) where so many photos in the magazine are taken… there’s the familiar white brick wall! Having been a reader of the magazine since the beginning and a contributor for the last few years, I must have seen so many photos of crochet in front of that wall. And now it was Salty’s turn…

After a quick cup of tea, the photo shoot got underway. I’d brought lots of treats with me to ensure Salty could be encouraged to be on her best behaviour but we didn’t need them. Salty was just amazing… have a look at this little video clip the photo studio put on their Instagram stories that day…

She was an absolute super star!

I loved seeing the photographer and the team in action. The photos came up instantly on a large screen so I could see the results and they looked just brilliant!

I was feeling very proud of our little Salty!

And here’s the end result inside the magazine… doesn’t she look lovely… 💕


Salty was so good that the whole photo shoot was over in a flash! So there was time for Sara to give me a little tour of Bristol…

…and have coffee and cake together in a dog friendly cafe!

Before heading to the home of ‘Simply Crochet‘ magazine and Immediate Media in Bristol at Eagle House…

What an impressive office it is… as well as Simply Crochet, there are lots of other magazine teams based there including Mollie Makes, The Knitter, Simply Knitting, Simply Sewing – and other magazine types such as BBC Countryfile magazine and Cycling Plus. The interior is a very modern office building with open plan spaces and lots of glass so everyone can be seen at work. Here’s a tree inside the building…

There are around 500 staff members working across numerous magazine titles although the individual magazine teams are relatively small. The whole Simply Crochet team sit around this one long desk…

Of course there’s plenty of yarn…

And I had a sneak peek at samples which will feature in future issues of the magazine. I saw my schnauzer cushion which is due to be sent back to me soon… it was a little too big to take back on the train!

The views from the window are great… it felt like a really nice place to work.

And here’s the post room… it was really nice for me to have seen this too. To know exactly where my commissions end up when I post them off is rather reassuring!

Dogs are not allowed into the Immediate Media building so Sara had arranged for the lovely Jennifer May, production assistant at Simply Crochet, to take Salty for a walk whilst I had a tour of the office… I’m very grateful to her!

I was reunited with Salty just in time for a delicious lunch. And discovered that Jennifer is a huge Harry Potter fan and contributes to the Speak Beasty ‘Fantastic Beasts Podcast’ 🙂

What a truly wonderful morning it had been – spending time with Sara and seeing behind the scenes of my very favourite crochet magazine was very special indeed! 🙂 I had to let Sara and Jennifer get back to work so we said our farewells and then Salty and I enjoyed a stroll back through Bristol to the train station.

We came across some mermaid art…


We enjoyed walking along the water and seeing the canal boats…

Salty found a play mate in the park…

And there were the first signs of spring…

We caught the train home. Oh Salty was exhausted…

But it was oh so worth it…


There’s even a little photo of me together with Salty in the Contributors section of the magazine…


I’ll cherish my copy of that magazine! Salty is totally oblivious to how fabulous she looks in the magazine but she enjoyed her wonderful crochet adventure… and I certainly loved it too! 🙂

Thanks for reading and Happy Crocheting… 🙂


  1. Gosh what a lovely exciting day you both had!! well done to you both …………what a team!!

  2. What a super post! And what a natural Salty is in front of the camera – quite the cover girl! 🐾 I really enjoyed reading about your trip and seeing behind the scenes at Simply Crochet – I can’t wait for my copy to land in my letter box x

  3. Salty, so gorgeous. The star of the show. Looks like a wonderful day out. You must be so proud of yourself and Salty.

  4. Loved reading about your special day. Well done to you both, gorgeous photos as always.X

  5. Enjoyed reading about your trip to Bristol and what a super star Salty is, Will look forward to reading the magazie.

      1. Special for you too, you have earned it and worked hard to get recognition. It’s not easy in the craft industry especially with lockdown right now! Stay safe 💙💛🧡💚❤️💜

  6. What a heartwarming blog, particularly uplifting amid the current pandemic, and fabulous photos of your day in Bristol. Salty was a complete star.

  7. What a fab day out and such a wonderful photo storyboard in these difficult times. You must be so proud of Salty in these gorgeous pics! Thanks for sharing Eleonora (and Salty!). Stef x

  8. What a good girl Salty Is! She’s a real bella donna, as my mom would say. (My dog, Tallulah, would never sit still for a photo shoot!)

  9. Brilliant! I really enjoyed reading about your adventures with Salty. Must feel awesome living with a superstar like Salty! His pictures were fabulous and he was so well behaved, posing as he did.
    It was also nice to see pictures of your walkabout. We live in Scotland and I’ve not been to that part of England. Thank you for taking your time to share this with us 😁

  10. Wow! How excellent is this?! Twenty years ago I had a quilt I made on the cover of a magazine, so I know the proud and fun feeling! Bristol is quite photogenic, isn’t it? But my fave photo is of Salty sniffing the air -the one under the daffodils photo. Just something so innocent about it. She’s a sweetheart for sure. xoxo, m

  11. What a fabulous post, Eleonora. Such a great account of your visit to Bristol ….. wasn’t Salty amazing? The photos are superb. Take care and stay safe in these strange times. Xx🌸🌸🌈🌈

  12. This post made my day! It was Salty who caught my eye a while back when I did a search for a schnauzer pattern, and discovered your wonderful site. She looks beautiful. Hope you frame these!
    Stay well!

  13. What a beautiful story! It looks like you had a wonderful day thank you for sharing! The photos were amazing (the mermaids I would love to see in person) and I agree with Maureen about the photo of Salty sniffing the daffodils was truly poignant! (Ha! Triple word score!)
    I recently found your website and I’m following along here and on Facebook thank you for all that you are doing!!

  14. Ahh you had a lovely day in my beautiful city ❤️. I so wish I had known you were about, I would have come and said hello in the park 😊😊

  15. Ahh you and Salty had a lovely day in my beautiful city ❤️. I so wish I had known you were about, I would have come and said hello in the park 😊😊

  16. I found this post when it was shared in “Our Happy CAL Place” group on Ravelry. What a fun, uplifting post, and what an adventure you and Salty had! Thank you for sharing your lovely day with us.Salty is definitely a star. I’ll be following you and Salty from now on.

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