Cosy Jam Jar Covers…

I recently decided to crochet around jam jars… and why not?! 🙂 Crocheting covers for jam jars is quick, simple and oh so effective! 🙂

In the past I’ve crocheted covers so that the jars can be used for hook storage…


But this time I’ve used open stitches so the jam jars can be used to put a small tealight candle in and the light shines through the open lacy stitches. They look so cosy and what a quick and simple gift to give to people at Christmas time (or any time of year)…

All kinds of stitches can be used. I prefer to work these covers from side to side so that any amount of rows can be crocheted and they can be stretched around various different jam jar sizes to give a good snuggly fit. It will be harder to achieve a perfect fit if crocheting them from the bottom up.

You can use a book such as ‘500 Crochet Stitches’ to find a stitch pattern you like and then crochet a small sample to fit around a jam jar. I tried a couple from this book including the Double Lattice Stitch…

But my favourite stitch has been a ‘Picot Mesh’ stitch which gives a lovely open mesh and with the little picot stitches has some added interest and a little texture too. I’ve adapted the stitch pattern and shared the pattern I used below…


Jam Jar Cover

• Any 4ply or DK yarn.
• A 3.5mm hook or hook size to suit yarn used
• Scissors, yarn needle


(UK crochet terminology is used) ch: chain, ch-sp: chain space, dc: double crochet, ss: slip stitch, st(s): stitch(es)

Pattern Notes:

This is made using a multiple of 4 for the foundation chain. To make the jar cover taller just add 4 chains to the foundation chain.

To Work:

Make 20ch

Row 1 1dc in 8th ch from hook, 3ch, ss into dc just made, *5ch, miss 3 ch, 1dc in next ch, 3ch, ss into dc just made, repeat from * to final 4 ch, 5ch, miss 3 ch, 1dc in final ch, turn

Row 2 5ch, miss first dc, *1dc in next ch-sp, 3ch, ss into dc just made, 5ch, miss next dc picot, repeat from * to end, turn.

Repeat Row 2 until desired length.

Check that the cover stretches around the jar. It shouldn’t be too loose and will need to be stretched around to ensure a good fit.

To join into a round cover:

Fold work in half so that first and last rows meet. Join this next row to Row 1 by working 3ch, ss into ch-sp on opposite side formed in Row 1, 3ch, ss to first ch-sp on opposite side formed in final row, * 3ch, ss to next ch-sp on opposite side and repeat from * to end.

Fasten off, weave in ends. Place over jar and enjoy!

Hope you like them and enjoy crocheting them yourselves!

Happy Crocheting Everyone… 🙂



  1. Now I’ve seen the pictures, all is clear. I thought you were talking about jars actually still containing jam!

    Think I will make them to put around cups etc in my motorhome to stop them knocking against each other.

    Best wishes

    Carol Sullivan

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your adapted pattern Eleonora! I’m always on the look out for crafting ideas that I can use for presents as I love to give homemade gifts! Stef x

  3. How perfect to find this previously unread blog post of yours dear Eleonore. I was just puzzling on how to decorate and repurposed coffee jar now holding “family secret RUMBALLS” being gifted on Saturday at a belated family Christmas Dinner in my sons garden beside the pool. Perfect. Off to whip one up now.

  4. Brilliant! You are so gifted; especially with your use of color in your other projects. I’m a new fan!

      1. I see you just released a book. I hope I can find it in the US, because I definitely want to buy it! 💕

  5. What sort of jars did you use to do these Eleanor ..they look quite stubby …or did you buy new ones? many thanks in advance 😊🧶🧶

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