‘Black Forest’ Crocheted Sun Hat…

Here’s a new design… my ‘Black Forest Sun Hat‘ – crocheted using paper! 🙂 The pattern is now available from both my Ravelry and Etsy stores in both UK and US crochet terms…

I came across some Rico Design ‘Creative Paper’ when I visited a German yarn store whilst staying in the Black Forest area recently. I wrote about that in a blog post here. The ‘Creative Paper’ was on sale so I bought 3 balls of two different colour ways.

I couldn’t wait to get crocheting with it…

…and before I knew it I had made a hat! 🙂 The paper takes a little getting used to as there is absolutely no stretch to it whilst crocheting. But the results are fantastic… a strong fabric which does have stretch and is just perfect for a sun hat…

I was really happy with this first sample except that it was just a little too loose… perfect for the hottest of days but one gust of wind and off it would blow!

I liked the shape so had a second attempt using a smaller hook size…

When crocheting in the round, a stitch marker is essential and this shell stitch marker from Mrs G Makes is just perfect…

This second hat came out a much better size for me…


Although the Black Forest is nowhere near the coast and I actually designed this whilst being near the seaside, it was entirely inspired by the yarn shop I visited in Germany, so I feel it should be called my ‘Black Forest Sun Hat’… 🙂

Hope you like it!

Happy Crocheting Everyone… 🙂


  1. Th hat is gorgeous. Please can I ask where I can get the pattern for the Seaside Stash Busting blanket? I have just finished the Changing Tides Blanket. I would love to dothis.

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    1. Hi Penny… the pattern is in weekly blog posts here on my blog… just go to the menu… alternatively if you join the Facebook group ‘Coastal Crochet Cal’ then some lovely ladies have uploaded the pattern in whole under the files section in both US and UK terms.


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