Changing Tides – Week 16

And this is it! The very last week of my ‘Changing Tides’ Crochet Along and it’s time to put the edging onto our blankets. Thank you so much for joining me on this blanket journey… whether you’ve crocheted along and made a blanket yourself or if you’ve just followed along and watched everyone’s progress – THANK YOU!

Just like with my Seaside Stash Busting Blanket last year, this crochet along has brought together such a wonderful community of crocheters from all around the world – over 30 different countries that I know of! 🙂  All crocheting these stitches at the same time, creating the same blanket in so many different colours and sharing our love of crochet together!!

I really can’t put into words just how very special that is… ❤️❤️❤️

And here’s the round-up of blankets from this week over on Instagram and Facebook… I wish I could feature every single blanket made as I genuinely adore them all…

So our final rounds are the edging – and it just had to be shells tipped with a white edge to resemble the tips of those waves as the changing tides come in and out… 🙂img_9395-2img_7646

For those of you who have purchased the PDF pattern on Ravelry it has now been updated to include Week 16 in both UK and US terms…

Ravelry – Changing Tides Blanket

And before we start with this weeks rounds, here are more photos of my finished blanket taken on the very beach that inspired so many of those stitches and certainly the ‘Changing Tides‘ name!

And here it is on a double bed to show it’s size – it’s a big heavy blanket oozing texture…

And of course some more ‘Salty’ photos too… I’ve loved seeing so many of you share photos of your blankets with your very loved pets!

So here are our final rounds… 🙂

Here’s a reminder of the abbreviations in UK Crochet Terminology – US terms are at the end of this blog post.
ch: chain, ch-sp(s): chain space(s), dc: double crochet, RS: right side, ss: slip stitch, st(s): stitch(es), tr: treble

And there’s a YouTube tutorial to accompany this final week too…

Round 81 (RS) Join Yarn B to any corner ch-sp, 1ch (counts as first dc), * miss 2 sts, 7tr in next st, (miss 2 sts, 1dc in next st, miss 2 sts, 7tr in next st) and repeat to end of side, miss final 2 sts and work 2dc in corner ch-sp, repeat from * on next 3 sides finishing with 1dc in final corner ch-sp, ss to first ch, fasten off, do not turn [32 shells on each side]

Round 82 (RS) Join Yarn C to any corner ch-sp inserting hook into corner space from Round 80, 1ch (counts as first dc, 1dc in same space, continue with * (1dc in next 7 sts around shell, miss next st inserting hook into same place as dc from Round 81 and work 1dc) to end of side, 2dc in corner ch-sp from Round 80, repeat from * on next 3 sides ending with ss to first ch, fasten off and weave in all ends


And that’s our blanket finished… 🙂

I took my blanket to the Isle of Wight earlier in the year which I wrote a blog post about here

And I couldn’t resist a photo of both my ‘Crochet Along’ blankets together…

It’s been an amazing journey… thank you so much for crocheting along with me and I hope your blankets will be enjoyed for years to come… I know mine will!

And what next? Well I have some exciting projects to share with you all over the coming months so you’ll have something new for your hooks soon! And maybe, just maybe, I’ll host another crochet along in 2020… 🙂

Happy Crocheting Everyone… 🙂


Abbreviations in US Crochet Terminology
ch: chain, ch-sp(s): chain space(s), dc: double crochet, RS: right side, sc: single crochet, sl st: slip stitch, st(s): stitch(es)

Round 81 (RS) Join Yarn B to any corner ch-sp, 1ch (counts as first sc), * skip 2 sts, 7dc in next st, (skip 2 sts, 1sc in next st, skip 2 sts, 7dc in next st) and repeat to end of side, skip final 2 sts and work 2sc in corner ch-sp, repeat from * on next 3 sides finishing with 1sc in final corner ch-sp, sl st to first ch, fasten off, do not turn [32 shells on each side]

Round 82 (RS) Join Yarn C to any corner ch-sp inserting hook into corner space from Round 80, 1ch (counts as first sc, 1sc in same space, continue with * (1sc in next 7 sts around shell, skip next st inserting hook into same place as sc from Round 81 and work 1sc) to end of side, 2sc in corner ch-sp from Round 80, repeat from * on next 3 sides ending with sl st to first ch, fasten off and weave in all ends


  1. Thank you for an amazing pattern and sharing your awesome skills in this absolutely fabulous CAL. I’ve met so many lovely people from all across the world; shared tips; learned loads; watched so many amazing blankets grow week by week; and I’ve had such a fab fab time doing it! Please, please do another next year! xxxxx

    1. Awww… Thank you so much Kirstie… you’ve summed it all up perfectly!! It’s more than just a blanket when you’re sharing the progress with others around the world! Thank you so much for being part of that and for crocheting along! 😊❤️❤️

  2. Thank you Eleonora – I have loved every minute that I have worked on the blanket and I have learned so much! I consider myself a novice but your video tutorials and clear instructions have enabled me to create something spectacular! I am sure I will do another one and I really hope you will create another CAL in the future. Thank you xx

  3. Eleonora you are such a kind, generous lady. This is the most beautiful blanket, and although I’ve fallen a little behind I can’t wait to have this blanket on my bed this winter. It sounds like you have some exciting things planned for us, and another cal?? Ooh yes please! xx

  4. It’s been such a joy to join in with this cal , Thankyou you are truly talented and generous to share this journey with us all, , looking at how large your blanket has turned out makes me want to make another one in Aran , but that would be just ridiculous , as I made this one as a stash buster, our Friday’s are going to be so ordinary from now on , Thankyou again

  5. Thank you so much Eleonora for sharing this pattern and your photos with us. It must have taken you many hours but the tutorials and clear instructins have been so helpful.
    I have enjoyed this so much (even more than the stashbusting one!), and loved seeing everyone’s progress too. Weekends won’t be the same anymore although i am thinking of doing a Xmas version. Please do another one next year as there are just a few people across the world who are interested! xx

  6. Thank you Eleonora for such a wonder and beautiful blanket. This was the first CAL I have done and I loved every single stitch. That does indeed include all those bobbles, lol. I can’t wait to see what kind of journey you take all of us on next. It has been a great journey seeing all the different colors everyone has made and inspired me to make such as the Christmas one. I also learned a new term that I love. “Frogged” Thanks again and happy crocheting until we all meet here again. Sheri from Alhambra, Illinois

    1. Thank you so much Sheri… it’s lovely to hear that you enjoyed your first CAL so much… I’m really happy you crocheted along! The ‘frog’ term is a funny one isn’t it… most of us need to do that at sone point when making blankets!! 😊❤️

  7. Hermosas fotos! hermosos paisajes! y maravillosas mantas creadas!!
    Eleonora muchas gracias por todo lo compartido…eres una fabulosa crochetera y muy generosa por brindarnos tu creatividad. Realmente disfrute muchísimo cada semana tejiendo y esperando ansiosa los avances…y hoy este cal llegó a su fin y ya lo estoy extrañando! Obviamente aquí estaré esperando por un próximo proyecto.
    gracias gracias gracias!!

  8. Eleonora, thank you again for all your very hard work in putting together this CAL. As I have stepped away from IG for now, I’ll email you a pic when I am done. (I am a few weeks behind.) Love and Hugs, Esther

  9. Thank you so much for this wonderful blanket!!! I will post a picture once I have completed these final rounds!! Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve!! 🙂

  10. Thank you so much for this patten Eleanora, I have so enjoyed the learning process, I’ve slipped behind a few weeks but will catch up after this heatwave has passed as it’s just too hot to have on my lap. I have one question though, I wonder how I could increase the size of mine before doing this final finishing edge? Do you have any suggestions. Thank you once again, looking forward to your next cal.

    1. Hi Angie… you can repeat some of the more straight forward rounds and keep increasing in the corners as we have done throughout the blanket… keep going until you’re happy with the size… you’ll just need to lay attention to how you finish each corner… good luck! 😊💙💙

  11. Love these crochet along’s on vacation so have not started week 15 but love the week 16 thank you and am looking forward to 2020 for another great afghan thank you for your time

  12. Absolutely loved this pattern and I see me making more in the future! You’re so talented, thank you!

  13. Have absolutely loved doing this CAL and wonder what I’m going to do on my Friday nights where I used it as my downtime after work. Learned so much and even enjoyed the pebbles 😱. Looking forward to completing the stash buster and following whatever comes next from your fabulousness. Trish

  14. Thank you, you clever, amazing lady.
    I have finished the blanket and it’s lovely.
    I will email a picture
    Thank you so much for sharing this brilliant project. You must spend a lot of your free time to do this for us. I’m sure everyone is really grateful.
    Please, please do another next year
    Kind regards

  15. I’m only about half way through as I’m taking my time but I am really enjoying making it. I’ve never attempted something with so much texture and different stitches before so I’m chuffed that I’ve managed to do it and really loving the results both the colours and the textures. Thanks for all your hard work.

  16. Thank you so much Eleonora for sharing your lovely blanket pattern and all your inspirational photos with us (the weekly write up alone must have taken some time)! Although I haven’t been able to crochet along with everyone else as any spare time has been taken up with my first grandson I have got the pattern safely stored away for when I have some ‘me’ moments. I will continue to follow your blog and look forward to seeing your ideas for the future. Thanks. Stef x

  17. Eleonora,

    Thank you so much for a wonderful differently textured blanket. I’ve learnt so much doing this cal (i ‘m a little behind… part 11). I’ve stayed true to your colour selectuons, in aran.

    It was refreshing to learn that you can have a blanket that is almost 3d in texture, rather than flat with the stitches providing the texture to the blanket.

    I have (and am) really enjoying this journey. Please consider doing another cal (3d texture style), I’d certainly would love to follow (and complete) it.

    Sam x

  18. Thank you so much Eleonora. I live on the coast in NSW Australia and I have just finished changing tides using the leftover stash from Seaside and Beachcomber. Your patterns are so easy to follow and videos are the only ones I’ve ever been able to follow. You have ruined me for using other patterns! I’ve made 3 Seasides, a Beachcomber with matching cushions and now my Changing Tides, all since mid March. I can’t wait for your next CAL. I’m feeling a bit lost now. Love love love your talented work!

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