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6e9b94c1-bcf3-4691-a186-a42f3a59de7aMy hooks have been keeping me very busy so it’s about time I shared a little of that here on my blog… 🙂 Yes, my Instagram and Facebook pages get more regular updates but I do know many of you only follow along here on my blog… so what have I been up to?

Firstly, I must share this blanket project by Hobbycraft which starts tomorrow! It’s ‘Granny Square Month’ and the ‘Knitcraft‘ team at Hobbycraft are hosting this blanket as a crochet along. 25 Designers have each designed a square to reflect their style and a square will be shared over on the Hobbycraft blog each day throughout July to create this beautiful blanket…

So which square do you think is mine?!

I won’t have time to make the blanket myself but my daughter who is a very capable but reluctant crocheter is going to try and make it! And here’s all the yarn from Hobbycraft…

Maybe you would like to join in too… all the details are here.

Secondly to share is that I’ve enjoyed hosting some lovely workshops at Made and Making in Hassocks, West Sussex. It’s a really wonderful craft space. I did a ‘Tunisian Entrelac’ workshop…

And then today a ‘Crocheting around Pebbles’ workshop…

Meeting some of you lovely people at these workshops and sharing the crochet joy for a few hours with people who share a passion for crochet is really such a wonderful thing that I absolutely love! And look at the fabulous pebbles crocheted…

And lovely Helen was admiring my blankets that come along to my workshops with me…

Which leads me onto more crocheted pebbles patterns which I designed for ‘Crochetzine’

Crochetzine is an Instagram ‘magazine’ which shares 12 squares of crochet inspiration every month… and it was fun to design these pebbles for them… the free patterns are available over on the Crochetzine Instagram.

And Amanda from ‘Mrs G Makes‘ shared this photo on her Instagram…Amanda sells these coastal themed stitch markers in her Etsy shop and I’m very honoured that she made these after being inspired whilst making my Changing Tides Blanket! I was lucky to meet Amanda last year at the The Crochet Sanctuary when she attended my ‘crocheting around pebbles’ workshop there! So nice to see a stone in use… I ordered myself the yacht and shell stitch markers… so many lovely ones to choose from…

So as you can see, my passion for crochet certainly keeps me busy! Plenty more projects to share with you over the coming weeks too. 🙂

Happy Crocheting Everyone… 🙂


  1. Thank you for a wonderful workshop. I really enjoyed it and you are a great teacher. I’m quite proud of my efforts and intend to make many more.
    Thanks again!

  2. Hi Eleonora! Happy to keep track of your amazing crochet adventures via your blog! I think your square was the one with the “star fish” in the middle. 😀 Lots of Love, Esther

  3. Hi Eleonora! Excited to keep track of your amazing crochet adventures via your blog! I think your square has the starfish in it. 😀 lots of Love, Esther

  4. Lovely reading all your news, I suspect your granny square design contains a starfish 😄!!
    Fingers crossed your daughter enjoys making the blanket….and I’m enjoying your changing tides blanket

  5. I am new to this but not crocheting. I just discovered this site as well as Fb too. Loved what I saw in the Changing Tides project so I printed all 12 weeks of instructions and ordered all the yarn which should arrive Tuesday with expedited shipping from the UK. I live inTraverse City , Michigan. This design reminds me of Lake Michigan one mile from our home. Thanks for your sharing! Charlene Lutes

      1. Thank you! Excited about receiving the 🧶 and beginning your pattern. Charlene

  6. I too spotted your square straight away Eleonora as your style is unique! I’m on a #10newblanketsfor2019 so think I’ll add this to my list.
    I’m enormously flattered that you featured my stitch markers in your blog too, that was a most unexpected surprise!! Thank you so much 💜💜 x

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