‘Country Mouse Yarns’ – monthly yarn box…

I love hand dyed yarns! Many of you will know this already from previous crochet projects I’ve shared. 🙂

And I recently discovered hand dyed yarns by Lil Fredriksen, the talented and creative yarn dyer behind ‘Country Mouse Yarns‘. Lil lives in Dorset, a coastal county about 100 miles west along the coast from where I live and many of her yarn colours are inspired by this fabulous stretch of coastline.

It was the ‘Durdle Door’ colourway that caught my eye. Just look at this inspiration photo and resulting yarn by Lil…We visited Durdle Door ourselves back in 2016 and I wrote a blog post about it… Crocheting at Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove…


So to have yarn inspired by this beautiful destination is special for me…

Lil has dyed other amazing colour combinations based on inspirations such as:


And Kimmeridge Bay Nets…

Lil writes: “Kimmeridge Bay is a beautiful place to visit in Dorset along the Jurassic coastline. These old fishing nets are situated there and I have tried to recreate the green, turquoise and browney-orange rust colours and translate them on to yarn for you to enjoy”.

Aren’t they brilliant?! 🙂

Having been very happy with my Durdle Door yarn, I discovered that Lil does a monthly yarn club which I decided to treat myself to. Each month Lil releases a themed yarn box which includes a 100g skein of either 4ply or DK weight yarn with an additional 20g skein in a co-ordinating colour. Hints are given as to the colour of the yarns to expect but it’s still a little surprise when it arrives. A few extras are added in to make it feel like a great value treat!

Here’s the April yarn box which was themed ‘Jurassic Coast’…

It included a beautiful 100g yarn in Jurassic Coast inspired colours (obviously similar to my ‘Durdle Door’ yarn) and a contrasting 20g skein in a rich green.

There were fabulous little coastal stitch markers and a little jar to keep them in…


And the most amazing ammonite shaped soap from the Purbeck Soap Company…

I’ve already used the yarn to create my ‘Canal Side Scarf’- a free pattern which I’ll be releasing soon!

I then couldn’t resist the May box which was themed ‘So Very Vintage’.


I have a duvet cover from Ikea in the exact same pattern so knew I’d love the yarn when it arrived and it’s gorgeous…

The May box came with a vintage inspired mug, a rose bath bomb and some floral notebooks too.Lil puts a huge amount of effort and love into these monthly boxes and they’ve been a delight to receive! Finances and a growing pile of yarn which I really ought to crochet with first, means I can’t treat myself every month. Lil has announced the June Yarn box which is focussing on Honey Bees… June Yarn Club


A Bee inspired box sounds wonderful doesn’t it! So I’d highly recommend giving yourself a treat if you feel able to. It’s certainly nice to support small businesses such as ‘Country Mouse Yarns’ too…

Happy Crocheting Everyone… 🙂 🙂


  1. The Durdle Door, Geyser and Kimmeridge Bay Nets photos and associated colourways are absolutely striking! Beautiful post and I look forward to seeing your May Box inspiration 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The more I see that Jurassic Coast box the more I want it!! I wonder if there’s any left and can you buy a single box without having to subscribe, if you don’t mind me asking?

    Liked by 1 person

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