Sandy Toes and Salty Kisses…

‘Sandy Toes and Salty Kisses’ – that’s the name of the colourway of a 100g skein of 100% Bluefaced Leicester DK weight yarn that I recently purchased from Miss Moffat Yarns

How could I resist!? Many of you will know that we have our own little Salty companion…img_4402

And I have purchased yarns from Kirstyn, the talented yarn dyer behind Miss Moffat Yarns, before. I made my Sea Shells Clutch Bag and California Coast Shawl both using yarns from Miss Moffat Yarns…

There’s something about Kirstyn’s coastal inspired colourways and names that really gets my design juices flowing and itching to get crocheting! I have a long crochet to-do-list at the moment and deadlines looming, but just sometimes a project with no purpose other than for my own crochet pleasure somehow jumps the queue!

So my dear mother wound the skein into a ball for me and I couldn’t resist a photo opportunity at the beautiful ‘Seven Sisters’ where we went for a walk last Sunday…

I love the yarn, I love the colours and I had a hat in mind so got crocheting…

I wanted to focus on the ‘Salty Kisses’ part of the name so decided to base the stitch pattern on ‘Crossed Treble’ (US double crochet) stitches… so they resemble kisses!

And here it is…

The pattern is available to purchase over on my Ravelry and Etsy stores in both UK and US crochet terms.img_1831img_1800

I had a little yarn left over so I decided to crochet something for Salty herself too…

A dog bandana! And the free pattern for this is below…

These have been such fun projects on my hooks this week… it’s always a pleasure to crochet with such beautiful yarns! And the light at the beach on Wednesday evening was just so beautiful… the perfect backdrop for some photos…img_1660img_1724


This is a fun crocheted Dog Bandana designed to be worn with a dog collar.


  • I used some left over DK weight 100% Bluefaced Leicester from ‘Miss Moffat Yarns’ in the colourway ‘Sandy Toes and Salty Kisses’ for the bandana shown. However, you can experiment with all kinds of yarns and hook sizes.
  • A 4.50mm hook. You may need to use a smaller or larger hook depending on your tension and type of yarn used.
  • Scissors, stitch marker and yarn needle.

 Abbreviations: UK crochet terminology is used.

ch: chain, dc: double crochet (US single crochet), dc2tog: double crochet 2 stitches together (US single crochet 2 stitches together) (see pattern notes below), mm: millimetres, RS: right side, ss: slip stitch, st(s): stitch(es), tr: treble (US double crochet)

Pattern Notes:

Dc2tog: double crochet 2 together: Insert hook into next stitch, yarn over hook and pull through (you will now have 2 loops on the hook), insert hook into next st, yarn over hook and pull through (you will now have 3 loops on the hook), yarn over hook and pull through all three loops on the hook.img_1884

To Work:

Make 4ch

Row 1 (RS) 3tr in 4th ch from hook, turn [4 sts]

Row 2 1ch, 2dc into st at base of ch (increase made), 1dc in each of next 2 sts, 2dc in final st (increase made), turn [6 sts]

Crossed Trebles are now worked.

Row 3 3ch (counts as 1st tr st here and throughout), 1tr in next st, 1tr in st before at base of first 3 ch, * miss 1 st, 1tr in next st, 1tr in st just missed, repeat from * once more ending row with 1 more tr in final st, turn [3 pairs of crossed trebles with 1 tr on either side]

Row 4 1ch, 2dc into st at base of ch, 1dc in each st to end of row finishing with 2dc in final st, turn [10 sts]

Row 5 3ch, 1tr in next st, 1tr in st before at base of 3 ch, * miss 1 st, 1tr in next st, 1tr in st just missed, repeat from * to end of row, 1tr in final st, turn

Repeat Rows 4 and 5 until desired size is reached. For the bandana shown I crocheted a total of 15 rows

Row 16 1ch, 2dc into st at base of ch, 1dc in each st to end of row finishing with 2dc in final st, turn

Straight rows of Double Crochet Rib stitch are now completed by crocheting into the back loops only and no increasing at the beginning or end of the rows.

Rows 17 – 29 1ch, 1dc in back loop only of each st across, turn

To form collar band fold the work over so that the next row is in line with the remaining loops from Row 17 (the front loops we did not crochet into).

Row 30 Insert hook through first st and the remaining loop from Row 17 and work 1ss, repeat in each st across, fasten off and weave in ends.

Thread your dog collar through the collar band and



Happy Crocheting Everyone… 😊❤️




  1. Love that part of the world, my mum in law lived at Seaford so lots of visits when our daughters were small. Great pictures and crochet!

  2. Is only natural to be inspired by such great yarn names. I love your landscape photo. Those cliffs remind me of the location depicted in the tv drama “Broadchurch” but then I live in the southern hemisphere and for all I know there might be many sections of coastline like that. Spectacular.
    Your hat worked up very nicely and looks lovely modelled in your photographs.

  3. Beautiful coastal photography …. as always….. and the yarn looks fabulous. Both models look good in their crocheted accessories. Xx🌸🌸

  4. Fun crochet projects, cutest doggy model ever, and beautiful sea coast.
    I confess, I did a google search to get a map location in relation to Dover. Fun story….my daughter was a student at university in the Midlands on an exchange program years ago. A group of friends did a trip across the Channel for a few days during spring break. Her comment on their return, when seeing the Cliffs at Dover, was that it was such an iconic sight that it was as moving as seeing our Statue of Liberty when flying into New York. She said her first thought was that she was “home” after her journey.
    Someday I’ll see those as well.

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