Corner to Corner Crochet and a Yoga Eye Mask!

Hello Everyone… I’ve been quiet on my blog so far this January but my hooks have been busy. 🙂 I’ve had a commission to finish and I’m also in the midst of blanket designing for my next crochet along…

But I did try something new this weekend which is worth sharing with you all! It’s a technique called ‘Corner to Corner’ crochet or ‘C2C’ and has become very popular in recent years so it’s about time I tried it…

Being a new technique for me I searched online for how to do it and there are numerous tutorials over on YouTube if you search for ‘Corner to Corner crochet’ or ‘C2C’.

I found it a really straightforward and easy technique to master. It’s simply made up of squares of 4 treble stitches starting in the corner and building up the work like little bricks. You just follow the pattern charts from the bottom right corner and work diagonally…

Once you grasp it you realise the potential for some really fun designs using the squares as a basis for all kinds of patterns. It’s simply built up of squares… I use Stitch Fiddle to create patterns on graphs… or you could just use good old graph paper and colouring pencils! 🙂

For example I came across this amazing Harry Potter Blanket made by Lina of lvacrochet and she writes more about it here  It’s a lot easier than it looks – honest! 🙂

And for my very first C2C project I have crocheted a cover for an eye mask used in Yoga.  Here’s the simple chart I designed and used…2019-01-21 (2)

I’m very lucky to have a yoga class which is only walking distance from home and I go every Monday evening… it’s the perfect partner to crochet – an opportunity to really stretch and move whereas crochet involves a lot of sitting quite still.  I really do recommend it to everyone… At the end of the yoga class we have a 10 minute relaxation and the lavender filled eye masks come out. This one is for the teacher and I’ve used a soft cotton…

It measures 23cm in length and 12cm in height and the front panel was made using the corner to corner technique with a 3.5mm hook and cotton DK yarn.

It’s a really good size for the eye mask which is filled with rice and dried lavender… it’s really lovely! 🙂

For the back panel I crocheted two traditional Granny Squares and sewed them to the front panel leaving the central seam open so that the rice and lavender filled pouch is easy to insert and remove for washing purposes… 🙂

I always stuggle to get daylight photos this time of year! By the time I get home from my day job the light is already fading so I rushed out to get this photo earlier this evening, just in time!!

I’m off to yoga now! I was keen to get this blog post published before I went… 🙂 I hope I’ve provided you all with a little inspiration to try Corner to Corner crochet… I know many of you will have already tried it – I’m a little late to the party on this one! 🙂 🙂

Enjoy and Happy Crocheting Everyone! 🙂


  1. I’ve been doing this pattern for a while now. I make blankets for premie babies. The pattern is very addictive. X

  2. I’ve not tried c2c yet but it’s on my list. Thanks for sharing stitch fiddle though, I think I’ll use this for planning the colour placement for a granny square blanket that I’ve got floating around in my head 🙂

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