A busy weekend of crochet…

img_5916What a busy crochet filled weekend it’s been for me… 🙂 Firstly on Saturday afternoon I hosted my Christmas Decorations workshop at YAK… the pattern for all four decorations is now available to buy in my Ravelry and Etsy stores…

It was a lovely afternoon of crochet… the weather outside was wet and grey so it was perfect to be indoors and enjoy some crochet time together… with tea and coffee and some Christmas treats too! 🙂

And then on Sunday afternoon I had a craft stall at a local school ‘Winter Festival’ craft fair. This was a completely new experience for me! I don’t usually do craft fairs as I prefer to design crochet and host workshops rather than sell finished pieces. However I was approached and asked if I’d like to take part and I thought it would be nice to give it a go…So the van got packed with all the crocheted pieces I’d been very busy crocheting (my mum had helped too and crocheted lots of little cacti)… 🙂 and both my Mum and Daughter came with me to the fair. We had a lovely afternoon…img_5911.jpg

It was a really great experience and I’m so glad I did it but I don’t think I’d do it again…

The atmosphere was fantastic and it was a wonderful festive event for the school and we enjoyed soaking up that atmosphere and generally chatting with people about crochet. It was also wonderful to meet a fellow Instagram friend Caroline Jones Jewellery who also had a stall.

But did I sell anything? Yes, I did… enough to cover the cost of the table and a tiny bit extra but we came home with a lot of stock.

I’ve always known that doing craft fairs is not for me… the time and effort that goes into making all those things! I’ll stick to designing and workshops for sure but I’m so glad to have experienced it!And happy memories were made with my mum and daughter joining me for the afternoon! My husband was there in the background too… he loved listening to the band they had outside!

Have any of you had a craft stall? I would love to hear your experiences…

Happy Crocheting Everyone…


  1. I used to just get enough for the table and come back with my stock. People like to browse, not pay and if they do pay, they want to negotiate.
    Which for time and wool, i cringe at their attitude.

  2. So nice that your daughter and mom helped out! I have never done a handmade market but I would like to. It takes me so long to make each toy that I crochet that I would have to build up stock for months to be able to fill up a table. But I think it might be fun to try it once and see what happens!

  3. I felt the same way about the craft fair I did with a friend. It supports the school and it was a fun day out with my friend. It’s always nice to see the kids I care for after school at these events. They (and their parents) are usually the ones who buy the most from me. They see me teaching the kids to crochet at work and all the toys I make for the prize box and appreciate the work more. But it’s always frustrating when people marvel at your work and comment on how much time and effort it must take and then complain the prices are too high when the price hardly covers the price of the materials. I’ll probably continue to do the school’s craft fair on and off as long as I continue to work there, but in general, it’s definitely not for me either.

    1. Hi Yolanda… sorry it’s taken me a while to reply… It’s really helpful to hear your perspective… your connection with the school must make it extra special for you so certainly worth doing just for that. But as you say, it’s not a great way to even cover the cost of materials so not really worth it if you don’t have a connection. Someone else said to me that school fairs aren’t usually good for selling craft items as people are there to spend money on their kids which is often food and games etc… Hope you have a Happy Christmas! 😊❤️🎄

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