A New Design – Yarn Festival Hat…

IMG_1721Today I have a new design release… the pattern for my ‘Yarn Festival Hat’ is now available over on my Ravelry and Etsy stores. 🙂

This is a design that I crocheted some time ago and it’s been sitting there whilst I decided what to do with it… publish it myself or send it to magazines for consideration?? Well, as I wanted to wear something to Yarndale which I had crocheted myself, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to give it its first outing! And therefore the decision was made to publish the pattern myself.

These are photos I took of the hat many months ago – sweetly modelled by my daughter as usual! 🙂


It’s crocheted using raised stitches and popcorns to give it some great texture and I was planning to call it my ‘Sea Foam’ hat. But as I wore it to Yarndale I feel it now needs to be called my ‘Yarn Festival Hat’! 🙂

Because I will always wear it and think of that yarn festival… it was so comfortable and I really did forget I was wearing it most of the time! I can also see myself wearing it to many more yarn festivals or craft fairs in the future… 🙂img_2937img_1885

I bought the yarn from a fabulous little yarn shop in Edinburgh when we were there last year Ginger Twist Studio  There it is amongst my other purchases…

20170824_160015I crocheted another version this week using some cotton Aran yarn which I’d purchased ages ago from the The Mermaids Purse Yarn


It’s also super comfy and works well especially with the hand dyed yarn and pops of colour…


So there you have it… a simple hat design that I actually really like to wear. Hope you all like it too. 🙂

And here’s a sunset photo from this week that I shared over on my Instagram. At this time of year the sun sets right over the sea (in the summer months it sets over land to the west) so we’re being treated to some beautiful moments…


Happy Crocheting Everyone… 🙂


  1. You are so lucky to live by the sea, it’s my dream to one day. That sunset is beautiful!❤
    Great pattern too. Best wishes Rae x

  2. It’s a lovely pattern. It’s always hard to decide whether to self publish or submit, but now you have a precious hat woven with memories of its first outing!

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