Into the Woods… my cushion design for Crochet Now…

Issue 32 of Crochet Now hits the magazine shelves in the UK today and I have designed a Tunisian Crochet ‘Into the Woods’ Cushion for this issue and it’s featured there on the front cover… 🙂

This is the first design I have had published in Crochet Now magazine and as always when designing for magazines it was a pleasure! I love working to a design brief… it makes me think of potential designs and subjects that I might otherwise not have considered. 🙂

The design brief for this cushion was ‘Into the Woods’ and these three bold and contemporary trees sprang into mind when thinking about a crochet woodland design. It’s crocheted using ‘Lily Sugar n Cream’ which is a 100% cotton, aran weight yarn. I’ve crocheted with this yarn before and I really like to crochet with it. The colours are different to my original submission. Being flexible as a designer and adapting my designs to different yarns and colours that the magazine team may want you to work with is essential really…

Having had quite a few design commissions with Simply Crochet magazine over the last few months, it’s been a good experience for me as a designer to work with another magazine. The team are equally as lovely but there are some small differences in how patterns are submitted and required to be written. These photos are taken by the magazine team and I love how they have photographed and styled the cushion…

The cushion is crocheted using Tunisian Simple Stitch with the Intarsia method of colour changing. There’s an article in the new issue of Simply Crochet Magazine about Designers ‘Lightbulb Moments’ and I was one of the designers they approached…

In the article I talk about how my lightbulb moment has been the use of colour charts in creating different designs and this was certainly crucial in this Woodland Cushion.

As always, it was on my hooks quite a few months ago… here are some photos I took myself before sending the cushion off and the bluebells in our garden date it a little…

I’m so pleased with this design… I love Tunisian Crochet and it’s just brilliant for chart work as the colour changes are so crisp in comparison to ordinary crochet…

As always, thank you for following along…

Happy Crochet Everyone… 😊


  1. I love the design! So fresh. I fell in love with crochet world few months ago and now I just can’t stop making things from yarns. I would love to learn more and more crochet patterns.
    How long have you been doing crochet? Do you have any tips to grow crochet blog?

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  2. Hi Eleonora, it’s a super design and I look forward to seeing it in the magazine. We have a subscription and your email reminds me our copy hasn’t arrived yet!!
    Congratulations on your success 😊

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