My Design for Little Box of Crochet…

Image 39This has probably been one of my favourite crochet design projects so far… I feel honoured to have been the Designer for the June edition of ‘Little Box of Crochet’.

Update March 2023: The pattern for my Anchor Seaside Shawl is now available directly from me in my Ravelry and Etsy shops…



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I was very lucky to meet Amanda Bloom at The Crochet Sanctuary back in February and we were able to talk over breakfast about designing for a Little Box of Crochet… the design I came up with is one that I worked really hard on and I’m so happy with it! A Filet Crochet Anchor Shawl…

Image 40

…and a bonus pattern for a crocheted pebble cover!

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I’ve been a subscriber to Little Box of Crochet for quite a while and I wrote a blog post about it ages ago… Little Boxes of Crochet… So to be the designer for a box feels like a little dream come true… and what a box it is! The Little Box of Crochet team created the box especially for my design and of course it was going to have a seaside theme… I adore it! IMG_8053(Edited)

Amanda shared a photo of it with me a few months ago so I knew what it would look like but to finally be able to hold one myself was a treat… and to see it there amongst my other boxes is wonderful…



There was a real sense of anticipation as I finally had a box in my hand and opened it. Yes, as the designer I knew exactly what would be in there, but it’s Amanda and her team that put the design booklet together and photographed the design so it was exciting to see the final results and see what extras were going to be inside the box…IMG_7964IMG_7966IMG_7968

They had photographed my Anchor Shawl using photographer Kayti Peschke as a model in front of a beach hut!

IMG_8277 (2)IMG_8278 (2)

And named the design ‘Eleonora’s Seaside Shawl’… how lovely! 🙂


The contents of the box had such a coastal feel to it -it’s amazing how Amanda and her team bring it all together…


It was exciting to see people post on Instagram as their boxes arrived and people started crocheting! I’m so happy that the Anchor Shawl design seems to have gone down well! 🙂

IMG_8279 (2)

IMG_8391These photos were all shared on Instagram using the hashtag #littleboxofcrochet and shared by these people…

IMG_8392 (2)

And the crocheted pebble covers have been well received too…

IMG_7139Image 41Image 42

Lots of people got in touch to say they had ordered a box because they knew I was going to be the designer… how special is that! Thank you for putting your trust in my designs – I feel privileged!! 🙂

IMG_4937(Edited)Image 38

So there you have it- my Little Box of Crochet! A very special design that I’m super proud of…

Happy Crocheting Everyone! 🙂 🙂


  1. This is just fabulous! Congratulations on a really excellent design and I really think the beauty of all of this is that it keeps on with your seaside aesthetic. I can really understand how exciting it must have been for you to get the actual box and see how it was put together. I mean, come on, even the model is in front of a beach hut! It’s always so wonderful when the designer’s personality shines through in a kit like this and it’s even better to read about how excited the designer can feel when her personality shines through in the finished product. The pebble cozy is also very adorable! I like the shawl so much because it has so many different looks. When it’s wrapped up it looks rather plain, but then when it’s spread across the shoulders it shows off the filet pattern. You can get lots of looks with the shawl, which makes me think you’ve exploited a true advantage for putting a filet design across an entire shawl.

    1. Awww Tony… what a wonderful comment to read… thank you so much for those kind and encouraging words! I’m so happy you like it… and yes it’s certainly a special project for me which I’m pleased comes through…😊💙💙💙⚓️

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