A Walk in the Woods…

We’re experiencing a bit of a heat wave here in the UK and our south east corner is no exception. People often think of the seaside and beach when the weather warms up and yes, a cooling dip in the sea is always welcome – even Salty who isn’t usually a water dog has realised that the sea is actually a good place to cool down and at the weekend she walked right in! 🙂IMG_8032(Edited)But there’s no shade on the beach and if I’m honest, despite my coastal passions and love of the seaside, during the heat of the day I actually prefer to head into the woods and enjoy the shade of the trees! And this is exactly what we did at the weekend and I wanted to share a little of that walk with you all…

IMG_8060Crochet is great isn’t it… but it is something we do sitting down and sometimes when I have a crochet deadline to meet, I can find myself sitting there for far too long! So it’s important to remember that even though we adore to crochet, its good for us to get up and move… Thankfully, having our dog Salty, we always have to incorporate a walk into the day which is good for us all…IMG_8064IMG_8078Friston Forest is not far along the coast from us and is near to the famous landmark of the Seven Sisters chalk cliffs. We often walk here and I’ve written about the forest before in previous blog posts…  A Mushroom Walk and Bluebell time againIMG_8125It was so hot at the weekend and we all enjoyed being under the trees…

IMG_8091Being outdoors does wonders for my creativity, ideas and inspirations. I always feel refreshed, inspired and exhilarated when I’ve walked amongst nature. And that benefits my crochet for sure…

IMG_8074So what is it about being outdoors amongst the trees that inspires me? Well it’s the colours…

IMG_8106The shapes…

IMG_8095IMG_8123The sounds (whilst I took this photo the sound of the wind blowing through the trees was wonderful)…

IMG_8105And seeing other peoples creations out and about is always inspiring…

IMG_8124And then there’s the views as you emerge from the trees…

IMG_8114IMG_8111And the sense of adventure as you’re never quite sure what’s around the corner…

IMG_8115Or what might be on the path ahead…

IMG_8122And it provides a time to think…IMG_8073…with the peace and tranquillity of outdoor spaces, my mind clears which allows new ideas, plans and thoughts to flow…


And that was our walk in the woods amongst the tress… all these photos were taken on Saturday.

And yes, after our cooling walk under the shade of the trees, we went home and (after I helped to feed the family) somehow I enjoyed my crochet more than ever… 🙂 🙂

Happy Crocheting and Happy getting outdoors too! 🙂 🙂


  1. You are fortunate to live in such a beautiful area. It seems Salty enjoys it as well. We are having a heat wave all over the US as well. 36 celcius here yesterday. The only relief here in summer is staying inside in the air conditioning!
    Congrats on the big win yesterday!

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    1. Thank you so much Layne… yes I heard about the US heat wave too- so much hotter than it is here so even the woods would probably be no relief! Stay cool… xxx And thanks for the congrats! My son was happy- he’s a big football follower… 🙂 🙂


  2. Hi Sweetie! Just looking at the green serenity of your pix cooled me down. When you say they were taken Saturday, do your mean like, today, Saturday? (July 4th) It was 36.7℃ here yesterday and the weather man said it FELT like 44.4℃. I took one step out the front door and my glasses fogged up.
    xoxo, m & jb
    (PS: Salty is so darn cute.)

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    1. Hi Maureen! I think your US heatwave means I can no longer call what we have here a heatwave!! We’re no where near the temperatures you’re experiencing… it was about 31°C when I took these photos last Saturday… and today it’s much cooler but still warm. Hope you had a happy July 4th! 🙂 xxx


  3. Interesting! I just did a walk in the woods not because it’s hot, it’s because it’s just right there by the hotel we’re staying for a wedding – such a walk, such a sight – I saw a heron with the turtles on a log floating on a bog (yes, turtles and heron together) Also, I saw geese nesting and a deer drinking…a wonderful full-of-suprises walk….not sure how to post picture here

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  4. I have not walked enough lately and this evening we will be out and about for the first time in ages….I have a route planned and stories along the way so I shall try and follow your example and report back on where we have been! :-)x

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