A year in the life of my Yarn Bomb…

It’s International Yarn Bombing Day (yes there is such a day!) tomorrow on 11th June…


Which means it’s been a year since I yarn bombed a railing leading down to our local beach! I wrote about it in a blog post here- My-yarn-bomb

Yarnbomb 1

And amazingly it’s still there!!!! Yes, it’s faded and looking pretty weathered (it’s endured a year of everything the sea can throw at it!) but it’s still there and looking pretty, which was its original aim. This photo was taken last weekend – exactly a year to the day since I put it there…


I never imagined when I put it up that it would last a month, let alone a year! Acrylic yarn is definitely the way to go. And I thought it might get removed by people but it hasn’t. The faded and weathered colours means it looks right at home there… Every time I go down to the beach I glance at it and I often take a photo. So here is a year in the life of my yarn bomb… you can see why I’m so inspired by our coastal surroundings! No two days are the same and how different the colours of the sea and sky, as well as the conditions of the sea can be…

JUNE 2017

WP_20170609_09_36_57_ProYarnbomb 3

JULY– this is the only month where I don’t seem to have taken any photos!







NOVEMBER– seems this was a good month for taking photos…20171112_153840286_iOS20171117_111939329_iOS20171124_123511280_iOS20171125_141046425_iOS








APRIL– you can see that the sun no longer sets over the sea in the spring and summer months and sets behind the cliffs…20180414_182901496_iOS20180414_080041137_iOS

MAY– another month for a quite a few photos!20180427_112116293_iOS20180520_152938043_iOS20180530_144126635_iOS

JUNE 2018IMG_7127IMG_7299And there you have it.. a year of photos and a year in the life of my Yarn Bomb! I still can’t quite believe it’s been there a whole year… I feel the need to add some more to the railings next to it (it’s a very very long railing)…


Maybe I can make that a community project where I invite people to send a little square of crochet to me and I attach them all together… we may be able to cover the entire railing! What do you think? 🙂 🙂

Happy Crocheting Everyone… 🙂


  1. Would you like us to send you some crochet to add to your yarn bomb? If you give us the dimensions required, colours, design I’m sure we can help.

    1. Oh thank you so much Cathy! I just need a little time to work out the logistics… I agree- looking back it was the winter photos that looked best! And we only get sunsets over the sea in the autumn and winter months… 😊❤️❤️❤️

  2. Absolutely wonderful!! What a great idea- you really created a thing of beauty with this yarn bomb for a year! If you are serious about doing a joint effort bomb, I would be happy to contribute! Set up the details and I’m in!

    1. Oh Christopher… thank you so much and thank you for checking out my blog post! I need some time to work out logistics but wouldn’t it be great if we could get that whole railing covered! Watch this space… 😊❤️

  3. Great idea. Let us know how while can contribute… We seem to have yarn bombers of many descriptions here in Tasmania also, I love finding their artistic garnishings in odd places. Dx

  4. Hi Eleonora! Wow, a year already! It’s lasted so well. My yarnbomb is in situ ready for tomorrow and I’m worried that it might not still be there in the morning! Let me know what you need, I’d love to send something to you for your next project. X

  5. It was so pretty on Day 1 and is still pretty a year later! You should be proud for enhancing a safety rail – and have to say so lucky that it hasn’t been taken away by the local council or someone. A friend dared yarnbomb a bus stop upright post and the council complained within days!

      1. Or maybe there is a team of people who love it so much they scare away the jobsworths who might take it down! he he!

  6. Oh wow, it’s held up so well over the past year! Nice job!
    If you decide to take squares for another part of the railing, I would love to contribute to that. I’ll be keeping an eye out for a post about it. 😉

  7. oh fantastic! I wonder if I can find something in my local area I could yarn bomb? It’s inner city so I’m sure I could find railings, but wonder if the spoil sport council would remove it….

  8. I’m so glad nobody has spoilt it or taken it down! It makes me so sad when people do that. I loooooove the idea of a collaborative yarn bomb, definitely count me in if it goes ahead!!

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