Sea Shells Clutch Bag…


This little project has been slowly growing on my hook for a while… now it’s finished and I’m so pleased with the end result – my ‘Sea Shells Clutch Bag’!  🙂

Here are the links to my Ravelry and Etsy stores where you can purchase the pattern for a small price. It’s a simple design but I’ve included a lot of step by step photos with the pattern too.


And yes, that’s a little piece of sea glass that I’ve used as a fastener!! 🙂
I’m so excited about finally having been able to use a piece of sea glass as a bead with my crochet!


I absolutely loved using the yarn from Miss Moffat Yarns

They were a joy to work with and the colours inspired by the seaside are just perfect!

And to keep with the coastal colours and the coastal shell stitches, I used a coastal themed lining too…


I’ve had this fabric for many years and it was great to finally use it – I only needed a small bit for the lining of this clutch bag so there’s plenty left for other projects in the future.

We enjoyed a lovely sunny day on Sunday and I used the opportunity to take some photos with a coastal backdrop…IMG_7167IMG_7177

Hope you like it…

IMG_6967…and Happy Crocheting Everyone! 🙂 🙂


  1. This is just gorgeous… I’m going to have to make one, and I’ve found these lovely coloured mini skeins based on the votes for women colours that I think will look lovely with your design.
    I love your use of the sea glass… That’s just gorgeous 😊

  2. Yes I do like it very much indeed, from the lining to the sea glass bead too the colours to the stitch.
    This I think you could sell as a kit! Just saying….

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