Daffodils (Crocheted of course!)


Many of you lovely readers know that I love to design and make crocheted flowers! And I’m always inspired to design flowers that I see in nature…

And of course the Daffodil season is upon us in England. So I dug out these colours and got crocheting…


As many of you know and perhaps experienced yourselves, we had unusually cold weather with a lot of snow last week across the UK. In our South East corner on the coast we did get some snow but no where near as much as other parts of the country. But it was sooo cold! Before the cold spell we had seen Daffodils pop up but there’s plenty more to come now the snow has melted!

And here are my Daffodils…


Daffodils are such happy flowers! They spring up along roadsides, in gardens, parks and pretty much everywhere with a big reminder that Spring is around the corner and nature is waking from winter. I just love seeing them each year and try to really appreciate them as they never seem to last long!!


These next photos were actually taken before the snow came our way…

IMG_4171IMG_4155So there you have it…my Crocheted Daffodils and here’s the link to my pattern if you want to have a go at crocheting some yourself…

Crochet Daffodils


Happy Crocheting Everyone… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  1. I had just made my own version and then found yours, great minds 😘 so very beautiful. I’m off to try your sweet little bluebells now xx

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