Seaside Stash Busting Blanket – Week 4


Week 4 already! 😊 I’ve been totally amazed by all the blankets being made so far… and some people are even making two! I’m humbled, grateful and genuinely honoured that so many people are putting their trust in me with this project as no one (not even me!) knows what these blankets will look like at the end! But they are looking fabulous so far don’t you think? πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ I don’t think you can ever go too wrong with any kind of crocheted blanket…

Over on Instagram just out of interest, I asked people who are joining in to let me know where they are from… it’s amazing! There are lots of you from various parts of England including the Isle of Man and Isle of Wight, we have people from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland too. Also South Africa, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, France, The Netherlands (someone is making it in Zoetermeer, the town I was born in!!), Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Italy, Turkey, Bahrain, Iran, Gibraltar, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Japan, South Korea, Russia and Singapore!

I’d love to know where some of you lovely readers are from so do let me know in the comments below- this really is a global community!

Now we’re going to go very coastal and seaside inspired this week! Of course you can choose whichever colours you like but mine will be blues and greens for the next couple of weeks as this is β€˜Long Wave’ stitch and is just like the water and sea… I really love these stitch combinations.


Before we go any further just check you have 180 sts. I know some of you have lost or gained some on the last few rows. It happens! 😏 When making a blanket made up of so many different rows and stitch combinations it’s important to keep checking.

It’s about getting those first and last stitches of each row right – not to crochet into the stitch at the base of the turning chains (unless indicated) and remembering to crochet into those turning chains at the end of the row as they count as a stitch throughout…😊

So at the end of row 13 you should have joined a new colour and made 4ch ready for this next row… That 4ch is the first dtr (US tr) of this next row… Remember I use UK terminology. dtr=double treble (US treble), tr=treble (US double crochet), htr= half treble (US half double), dc=double crochet (US single crochet).

Here’s a YouTube tutorial if you need a little further help…

Row 14: 1tr in next 2 sts, continue with (2htr, 3dc, 2htr, 2tr, 3dtr, 2tr) and repeat to end, the final st will be a tr, 1ch (counts as first dc of next row- you may want to put a stitch marker in this ch so it is easier to recognise as a stitch when crocheting back into it after next row), turn

Row 15: 1dc in each st to end, join with a new colour at end of final st, 1ch (counts as first dc of next row- again you may want to put a stitch marker in this ch so it is easier to recognise when crocheting back into it after next row), turn

Row 16 1htr in next 2 sts, continue with (2tr, 3dtr, 2tr, 2htr, 3dc, 2htr) and repeat to end, the final st will be a htr, 1ch, (counts as first dc of next row- you may want to put a stitch marker in this ch so it is easier to recognise when crocheting back into it after next row), turn

(Remember at the end of row 16 that the final stitch to crochet into is that little 1ch we made at the end of row 14!)

Row 17 1dc in each st to end, join with a new colour at end of final st, 4ch (counts as first dtr of next row), turn


And there you have it… another four rows completed and we have two waves! πŸ™‚

Have a great week everyone! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  1. Waves! Just right. I’m enjoying watching everyone’s progress.
    I just love the global crochet community – nearly always positive, encouraging and helpful – perhaps if everyone, of all genders, were taught crochet in homes and schools, the world would be a more peaceful place.
    I’m from the Mid South (of England!!) πŸ˜‰

    1. Awww, Sandra… what a lovely comment and yes I totally agree! So far, in the nearly three years of bringing my crochet to the online community I’ve had nothing but positive experiences!! Everyone really is so kind and it’s certainly spurred me on! And I’m glad you like the waves! 😊❀️

  2. Hallo!
    This crochet is funny and lovely. Thanks for your youtubefilms. The best help for me.
    Have a nice day!
    Anna from Sweden

  3. A fellow nurse on the south coast overlooking the Solent and IoW with never enough time to crochet! My first blanket and first cal, loving the process. Great variety of stitches, done new to me, great YouTube videos, can’t wait for the next instalment! Well done.

  4. Pensioner after years as teacher. Enjoying CALs. Crochet fills my days and my cupboards. Saldanha ( west coast) South Africa

  5. I’m joining this crochetalong from very snowy southern Wisconsin, in the USofA. With this blanket I now have FIVE blankets going. I’ve still got about three months of cold weather to get through, so there should be plenty of time to finish them all. LOL. Thanks for all your hard work! Begonia

  6. Hi from Copenhagen, Denmark.
    My name is Carina
    I am also a nurse and love to crochet.
    It is a very nice calπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

  7. Hi Eleonora
    Im a little late to the party but I’m thinking of starting now (week4) as I too have a lot of stash yarn! I am from a small town to the south of Sydney Australia. Its called Helensburgh. We are exactly 10 mins from the Pacific. I have 2 schnauzers, 2 teen boys and a husband!

    1. Hello Rene, lovely to hear from you! And you’re not too late at all… at the slow pace we’re going it will be easy to catch up! And how fabulous that you have two schnauzers… Lovely dogs aren’t they! So great to have you joining in from Helensburgh…😊😊❀️

  8. Hi from New Zealand…Well that’s week 4 done! I am loving this and slowly catching you up. It’s such fun and relaxing and I am enjoying all the new stiches! My hubby is choosing all the colours as I progress through. The colour combos are a bit different but I think it makes him feel apart of the blanket too. πŸ™‚

  9. Hi.. from New South Wales (Riverina) Australia. I am looking forward to continuing with this project. I am learning new stitches all the time. Thankyou for your lovely work.


  10. I can’t quite believe it but I’m only doing well at this so far…. Thank you so much for this gorgeous CAL

  11. Lol, better late than never. I am also a nurse. (Unfortunately )now disabled. But now I have the time to learn & do this kind if thing. Your I instructions & videos are fabulous- thank you !!

  12. Im enjoying following this pattern, l live in corfu sidari area, its very hot at the moment and the winds up which is making for some great waves on the sea so this part of the pattern is very apt. Ive done one blanket previously unfortunately the tension was not good, l seem to have better control of my tension this time, fingers crossed it continues. Ive only recently joined this group and lm throught enjoying following the pattern which lm finding so far easy to follow. Ive loved looked at everyones blankets and seeing the diffrent colours, l keep thinking next blanket In those colours or maybe those colours l can’t make my mind up buy the inspiration is great. Thanks lisa

  13. Hello from the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand. I live in a lovely little town called Katikati.
    I found your website via a Crochet Facebook group. I fell in love with all of your patterns.
    I don’t get a lot of time to do my craft work, so this project is wonderful to do a row or two and use up some of my languishing stash!
    Keep up the beautiful work you do!
    I’ll shout you a coffee x

  14. Should there be 180 stitches in each of the wave rows? I’ve been skipping a stitch when it’s at the base at the start with the turning chain and used stitch markers, thanks!

  15. Hola Eleonora, reciΓ©n empiezo esta manta, es preciosa y tus diseΓ±os y explicaciones son geniales.

  16. Hola Eleonora, estuve haciendo esta manta durante octubre, la terminΓ© el 1 de noviembre y enseguida empecΓ© otra con tonos rojos , espero tenerla para Navidad, me gustan tus creaciones , te sigo siempre. Hoy tambiΓ©n hice el comienzo de la manta nueva , sΓ³lo los gajos de punto tunecino. Vivo en el Gran Buenos Aires, Argentina, un abrazo!!!

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