Coastal Crochet Bunting…

IMG_2811I do love bunting! The first crochet pattern I published was for my ‘Mini Crocheted Bunting’ and I’ve featured other bunting on my blog before…

Bunting just adds a little cheer to any room or occasion and being a crochet lover, of course I adore the crocheted versions!


So I’ve designed some more bunting – my ‘Coastal Crochet Bunting’ with seagull motifs – and if you’d like to make some of your own then here’s the pattern in PDF format (the full written pattern is below too if you prefer)…

Coastal Crochet Bunting

I was inspired by the Coastal Wall Hanging which I designed last year and I used the left over yarn and the seagull motif to create this simple but fun bunting…




I have also made some more of my Mini Crocheted Bunting in a different colourway…



As you can see I managed to photograph my bunting with a fabulous sunset in the background…these photos were taken on Wednesday of this week – the only day in which we saw some sunshine. It really has been so grey along our stretch of coast for many weeks now. It’s amazing what a little sunshine and brightness can do to lift the spirits!


So why am I making all this bunting? Well, I’m super excited to be hosting a workshop at The Crochet Sanctuary in just 5 weeks time so I have made this bunting to bring along with me so I can add a little coastal cheer and decoration to the room during the workshop! I cant say anymore about the Workshop I have planned as I want it to be a surprise for the crochet lovers attending and I know that some of you lovely readers may be coming along!

It’s going to be a wonderful weekend of crochet galore!


So here’s the pattern for my bunting… 🙂

Coastal Crochet Bunting

Materials: For the bunting pictured I used Patons Smoothie DK yarn, 1 ball blue mix, 1 ball white, 1 ball slate (although you only need a tiny amount of grey for the seagull beak), a 4.00mm and 3.50mm hook, stitch marker, scissors and yarn needle.

Abbreviations: ch: chain, dc: double crochet, dtr: double treble, mm: millimetres, rep: repeat, RS: right side, ss: slip stitch, st(s): stitch(es), tch: turning chain, tr: treble

Pattern Notes: UK crochet terminology is used. The turning chains count as a stitch throughout the pattern. You can use a stitch marker to place into the turning chains making it easier to identify them at the end of each row or round. Each flag is crocheted in double crochet (UK) stitch starting from the point and then increasing at the beginning of each row to create the triangular shape.
The bunting alternates between a large flag and a smaller flag. Make as many flags as you like!

To Work:
With Blue yarn and using a 4.00mm hook, make 3ch
Row 1 (RS) 2dc in 3rd ch from hook, 1ch (counts as 1st st of next row here and throughout), turn (3 sts)
Row 2 1dc in same st as tch (increase made), 1dc in each of next 2 sts, 1ch, turn (4 sts)
Row 3 1dc in same st as tch, 1dc in each st to end, 1ch, turn
For larger flag: Rep Row 3 until a total of 36 rows have been worked, fasten off
For smaller flag: Rep Row 3 until a total of 24 rows have been worked, fasten off

With RS facing join with white to left top corner of flag. 1ch, continue with 1dc in each row end evenly down side of flag, 3dc in st at point of flag, 1dc evenly up other side of flag to end, fasten off and weave in all ends.

Seagull Motif:
With White and using a 3.50mm hook, make 4ch, ss into 1st ch to form ring
Round 1 (RS) 1ch (counts as 1st st), 5dc in centre of ring, ss to 1st ch to join, 1ch, turn
Round 2 1dc in same st as tch, 2dc in each st around (12sts), ss to tch to join, 1ch, turn
Round 3 1dc in same st as tch, 1dc in next st, *2dc in next st, 1dc in next st, rep from * 4 times, ss to tch, 13ch, do not turn
Wing 1:
Row 1 ss into 2nd ch from hook, 1dc in next 3 ch, 1tr in next 3 ch, 3tr in next ch, 1tr in next 4 ch, ss to 2nd st up on original circle, 1ch, turn
Row 2 continue back along top of Row 1, 1dc in next 5 sts, 3dc in next st, 1dc in next 7 sts, ss in final st, fasten off, turn
Head and Beak:
Row 1 join yarn into next st up on circle, 1ch (counts as 1st st) 1dc in next 3 sts, 1ch, turn
Row 2 1dc in next st, dc2tog, 1ch, turn
Row 3 dc2tog, fasten off
Row 4 join with slate into centre of Row 3, 2ch, ss into same st at base of ch, fasten off
Wing 2:
Join with white into 4th st along from head, 13ch
Rep instructions for wing 1 ensuring at end of Row1 ss into 2nd st up is towards the seagull head
Join with white into 3rd st along from bottom of wing 2, 4ch, 1dtr into same st, 2tr in next st, 2dtr in next st, fasten off


To Join Flags and Finish:
With White and using a 4.00mm hook, make 20ch, then continue with 1dc in each st along top edge of first flag, *5ch, continue with 1dc in each st along top edge of next flag, rep from * until all flags have been attached, 20ch, turn and continue back along with 1dc in each ch and st to end, fasten off and weave in ends.
Attach seagull motif to the large flags using photo as a guide.
Hang your Coastal Bunting and enjoy!


Have any of you crocheted bunting before?

Till next time… Happy Crocheting 🙂 🙂 🙂


  1. Very fun! Congratulations on teaching at the workshop! I wish I had the time and funds to hop across the pond and attend, maybe next year 😊. Can’t wait to hear what you are teaching!

      1. I know!! It’s snuck up quick! Lynda and I have been Sanctuary shopping today! So exciting, I know you can’t get there until Saturday but if anything changes your room is there for you for the whole weekend xx

  2. Congratulations on doing your workshop – I bet it will be sooo inspiring. Love all the different bunting too. Good luck with the workshop – can’t wait to hear how it goes and see some photos. Xx 🌸🌸

  3. That blue yarn is just perfect for a sky background to the seagulls! I’m terribly sad I’ll miss the crochet sanctuary, but I’m determined to make it one day! Will you take lots of photos so I can visit vicariously?

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