Crocheted Poncho…

This crocheted poncho has been on and off my hooks for quite a while now so I’m happy that it’s finally finished and I can give it a little reveal… I think it deserves a blog post of its own! 😊

As part of the International Diploma in Crochet course, I needed to submit a child’s garment made from an existing commercial crochet pattern but grade it to two sizes larger or smaller than the actual pattern.

Well, having an 11 year old daughter meant I could choose something and make it larger to fit her. I often see gorgeous crochet patterns for children that go up to size 7 or 8 but no larger, so this was going to be fun…😊

With the help of my daughter I chose a poncho design which was featured in issue 56 of Simply Crochet magazine and was designed by Ruth Maddock –

The grading up on this design was relatively easy as there were already four sizes and the differences between each of them was clearly shown and with a few simple mathematical skills I could figure out what the next two sizes would need.

It’s a simple design but the main body of the poncho is actually the size of a small blanket so I certainly underestimated how long it would take me.

As part of the submission I was required to add some extra design features of my own to the design.

So I added some stars to the hood…

and a simple double crochet edging to the sleeves and hood in a contrasting colour…

I added a plaited cord to the hood…

and of course added a whole load of fringing to the bottom! Yay!

I think it looks fabulous and luckily my daughter thinks so too…

We’ve had some very grey days over the Christmas period and today was the first day that we actually saw the sun again in over a week so we grabbed the opportunity to take some sunny photos on the beach…

As you all know, crochet is not a quick craft so any crocheted item (especially a poncho like this) takes a lot of time to make. I love crocheting so the making is a real pleasure for me… but it would be a little sad if the finished item wasn’t appreciated or wouldn’t get the wear it deserves! Fortunately, I think this poncho will get lots of wear… 😊❀️❀️❀️

Happy Crocheting Everyone…😊😊


  1. Your daughter looks very happy indeed with it. I was thinking only yesterday that I could do with a poncho to wear in the car. It was lovely and sunny but freezing cold and our car seems to have a permanent breeze blowing down my arm. This would be a good project to work on whilst the weather is cold as it would keep my knees warm whilst I’m working on it!
    I hope you had a lovely Christmas.

  2. It’s beautiful Eleonora 😍 those stars on the hood are really adding in your brand, and your daughter is doing a great job at modelling it 😊

  3. I love your designs, you give me so much inspiration! I also feel like I should move to the coast too when I see your posts!πŸ˜€ I have been looking at the diploma also, where are you studying and do you recommend the course? Thx!

    1. Hello Kat… good to hear from you and I’m glad you find inspiration from my posts! Thank you! The diploma I am doing is a correspondence course so I send things off by post for assessment. I’ve learned a lot from it so would recommend it but you have to be quite disciplined in sending things off as it is left entirely up to you… good luck! 😊❀️

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