Crocheted Stars…


I’ve designed some crocheted stars and here’s a link to the free pattern should you wish to crochet some of your own…

Crochet Star

These stars can be hung from a tree or in front of a window or anywhere else in the house! They make such lovely decorations and if you crochet the star without the hanging loop the possibilities are endless…

IMG_1433IMG_1428I have just finished teaching a 5 week crochet course for some very lovely NHS staff and in the final class I really wanted everyone to try out their newfound crochet skills and have something that we could all crochet together, finish in the class and have something to take home.😊 And as it’s now less than 6 weeks until Christmas I thought a little decoration would be perfect… and that’s when a star popped into mind!

IMG_1374So I played around with my hook and yarn and came up with this design which I wrote the pattern for. In the class we all crocheted the stars at the same time and I talked everyone through each step of my pattern which also had the added benefit of actually teaching how to read a crochet pattern. And just look at the progress in the group with some lovely stars being made…


And the next day I got this fabulous email and photo from one of the wonderful participants…Stephs star

‘I managed to finish my star in the car yesterday. And I also made a blue one last night! Thanks so much for doing the course. I was a complete beginner and you managed to get me making stars! Well done.’



I’m so happy to have been able to share my love of crochet with these wonderful people and get them all crocheting! My stars were a real break through in getting them to stretch their skills…

IMG_1451I’m planning to have stars hanging everywhere this Christmas… 🙂

Happy Crocheting Everyone … 🙂 🙂


  1. They are so sweet Ele! I will try too! Oh I wish I could attend your class!!!! Your student are very lucky to have such an inspirational teacher as you!!!
    Thank you for passing your crochet passion to me!!!!!

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