A little Surface Crochet…

Surface crochet 🙂 …I’d heard of it before but never tried it myself until last week. And how simple but effective it is! It’s a technique in crochet where you are literally crocheting on the surface of an existing piece of crochet fabric. You can be quite elaborate with a vast range of stitch combinations and textures but the simplest method is called the ‘Tambour’ method. In this method the yarn stays beneath the crocheted fabric and you simply use your hook to pull it to the front to form chains.

And what fun you can have with those chains. The possibilities are endless from swirling patterns and shapes to simple pictures. And it was a picture that I decided to do last week…

Firstly I crocheted the base fabric in simple double crochet (US single crochet)…


I then blocked it…


…and then the fun began with the surface crochet!


I kept adding bits and loved seeing the scene take shape before my eyes…

Ta da!!


It’s a sample to be submitted for the International Diploma in Crochet (yes I’m still slowly working my way through the course) but what to do with it afterwards?

Well I thought it would look nice hanging from a piece of driftwood…


And of course, me being me, I felt compelled to take it down to the beach for a little photo shoot…


My crocheted beach scene looked a little more inviting than the real version… it was grey and blustery in reality! But now that it’s October the sun is setting over the sea once more. As we have a south facing beach the sun sets overland to the West in the summer months, but come Autumn/Winter we get gorgeous sunsets into the sea which I’m looking forward to once the grey clouds lift!

Have any of you tried surface crochet before?

Happy Crocheting Everyone… 🙂 🙂


  1. just love your little beach scene! LBC purse project was my first shot at surface crochet and I loved the effect too..love seeing your work..and beach photos!

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  2. Excellent blog post, Eleonora, it’s a great example of the tambour method. I love it attached to the driftwood and hanging up. The yarn seems to work very well for creating clean lines, doesn’t it. 👍😎🌸 xx

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  3. This is fab. I love it. I’ve never tried surface crochet before but love the look of it… Going at the bottom of a long to do list now! I’m so excited that you’re coming to do a workshop at February’s crochet sanctuary… Can’t wait to see what you’ll be teaching us 😃

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