Mini Hanging Baskets… (inspired by a Coastal find!)

At the end of my last blog post I showed you all an impressive stone which I found on the beach….


The remarkable thing about this stone is that it has a large hole at the top. When I saw it I immediately felt compelled to try and incorporate crochet into this somehow… a classic case of ‘all things crochet inspired by coastal living’! 🙂 The obvious thing for me was to try and hang something from this hole and so I designed a little hanging basket!


As it’s nearly Easter I thought I would turn it into an Easter decoration…



And then there was no stopping me! I crocheted some more mini hanging baskets…


…and discovered that not only are they good for putting little Easter chicks in, they are also the PERFECT size for putting in 3 Cadbury’s chocolate mini eggs!


Wouldn’t they be lovely to hang on an Easter tree or anywhere else for that matter to add a little bit of cheer and decoration!


I’m so pleased with them… and yes, I’ll post the pattern very soon so if you want to make one (or more) before Easter you can. Being small they are super quick to crochet… 🙂


As for the blanket which I started last week, well progress is steady. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen some progress photos. Greens have been added (I found this very convenient and beautiful piece of driftwood to drape my blanket from!)…


and then there were yellows…


I so love the gradual introduction of each colour.

We’re off on our first camping trip of the year soon…we’re taking the ferry from Portsmouth to Santander in Northern Spain. I must go and pack some crochet… 😉

Till next time, happy crocheting! 🙂 🙂



      1. Excellent – Thanks for the feedback. If I have time before Easter, I’ll try your pattern with DK – that should make it a little less snug 🙂

  1. So cute!! I love the idea to crochet a hanging basket to use the hole in the stone. What an awesome contrast of textures and materials – the hard stone with the soft yarn! 🙂

  2. Once again – you inspire me!!! Crochet and stone – hmmmmm – yep – brilliant! Cute little baskets, I’ll have to make some when you publish the pattern.

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