This weeks round up…

It’s been a busy week for my hooks… 🙂

Firstly, I’m really excited to be designing something for the Hobby Craft blog

I can’t reveal much more at the moment but it’s certainly taken over my life a little! I go to sleep thinking about the design and I’ve done so many samples and amendments. I keep asking my husband and children their opinions on certain aspects and have really valued their honest opinions. The children can be brutally honest but that’s just what I need- when I see something in a design, they see something entirely different and it’s these extra eyes that I’m so grateful for! And then of course there’s the writing up of the pattern to do… I can’t wait to show you all what it is I’ve designed.


In the meantime I finally finished the Granny Square blanket that has been on my hook for ages. The photo above was taken at sunrise- it’s always so lovely to be down on the beach early in the morning. I’m so pleased with the blanket. Being made of wool, it’s really cosy and is quite weighty. It’s for our camping trips and a little trailer caravan we purchased. I’m planning a blog post about that next week so you’ll be able to see the blanket in it’s new home!




I’ve also managed to crochet a little project just for fun this week. It’s one of the kits I got in The Netherlands at Christmas – it’s Takkie the dog from the fabulous Dutch Jip en Janneke books…


He’s so sweet and it was a fun little make.


Last weekend we walked (as we often do) along the beach and I wore the Tunisian crochet shawl I made nearly a year ago- do you remember when this was on my hook!?


And finally, I have treated myself to a Sun Jellies bag

I remember these first time round in the 80’s. I’m loving it even more this time round…it’s perfect for taking my crochet on the go!


So there’s a little round up of my week in crochet. Of course alongside the crochet goes the usual routines and busyness of everyday life… thank goodness for crochet to keep me sane! 🙂 🙂
Until next time, Happy Crocheting wherever you are… 🙂






  1. OMG! Jelly bags! I haven’t seen those seen I was a kid – I didn’t even know they still existed! The Tunisian crochet shawl looks even better in the wearing. Can’t wait to see your design for Hobby Craft…

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