Pattern for Mini Crocheted Bunting


I recently crocheted some simple mini bunting. It’s for a little trailer caravan which we recently purchased (very exciting and I’ll write a blog post about that soon).


I often crochet things to my own design but have rarely written notes along the way and have never written down a pattern for them. I’ve been able to read patterns for a long time and the difference in quality between them can be vast. The feedback I have received for the pattern writing aspect of the first few samples I submitted for Part 2 of the Crochet Diploma was really positive so it’s given me that little confidence boost I needed.

So here it is, my first pattern that I’ve written to share…



Being new to this I’ve put it in both a PDF and Word format so hopefully everyone will be able to access it from one of the links above. Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations about this? I’d love to hear from you!


I had fun taking photographs of the finished bunting down on the beach and I couldn’t have achieved these photos without my husband who is ever so patiently holding one side of the bunting with an aching arm as I take many photos!


Here’s a few close up photos to help with the joining of the flags to the bunting ‘string’…





Hope you enjoy the pattern. Do let me know what you think…

Enjoy… 🙂


  1. Very cute. I am yet to make any bunting although I love the vintage feel it has and always brings to mind street parties and Royal weddings, coronations etc. Thanks for taking the time to write down the pattern and sharing it with us.

  2. Lovely! Even the simplest of patterns can have so much work behind them. Yopu’ve done a great job. And it’s so true, the quality can vary enormously. Your bunting looks especially festive. Gorgeous!

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