Crochet, crochet, crochet and some snowflakes…

My mind has been filled with crochet ideas this week, my hook has been busy with Christmas gifts and decorations and I’ve made time to post photos on my Coastal Crochet Instagram too. What a busy week filled with crochet, crochet ,crochet amongst the hectic business which is family life leading up to Christmas!

This morning I posted my ‘2016 Best Nine’ collage. The website automatically puts your top nine Instagram posts from 2016 in order of popularity into one collage and here’s mine…


I’ve been on Instagram for about 10 months now and I really love it. Looking back at my most popular photos of 2016 has made me realise just how much crochet I have managed to do this year. It’s always great to share my crochet makes and see what others are up to. My blog is a place where I can share things in more depth and I love reading other peoples blogs too. The content can be so much more informative and interesting but Instagram does provide a lot of instant inspiration which I can access on the go.

So what’s been on my hook this week?


Well for my Diploma I have to crochet ‘an interesting hexagon’ so I decided to combine that task with doing a little Christmas decoration. It’s a hexagon with a fluffy border which will hopefully look quite nice on the christmas tree we’re getting tomorrow.

Loving the fluffy yarn and wanting to make more of a snowflake shape I turned to the amazing Lucy from Attic 24 for a classic snowflake pattern…

I made a few different sizes and stuck them to some driftwood for a coastal inspired Christmas decoration…



Last weekend I crocheted a cover for Salty’s dog collar in festive colours…


This was a super quick and easy project and gave a new lease of life to her scruffy old collar, just in time for Christmas 🙂


And I’ve also completed some crocheted bunting…


I’m super excited about this. The bunting is small and simple and I’m in the process of writing my first proper pattern which I’ll share with you all next week…

Thanks so much as always for reading 🙂 Happy Crocheting 🙂 🙂




  1. Waow! The snow flakes look lovely dear. Also, how did you manage to give everyone crochet gifts? 😮 That must have taken up so much of your energy!

      1. Wow! I think about taking my crochet to places. But I highly doubt I can handle it. I can see your love for crochet. 🙂

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