Snowdogs by the Sea…


There’s a fabulous public art trail ‘Snowdogs by the Sea’ in the city of Brighton & Hove at the moment and until the 27th November. Although it’s not crochet related, it is wonderfully artistic and creative so I wanted to share some of the Snowdog’s that I’ve managed to find over the last few weeks as I really love them. There’s more about the idea behind the trail here…

It’s such a great idea and as you walk around the city you see people of all ages get excited as they find their next Snowdog and pose for the obligatory photo. There are 45 in total and so far I’ve managed to see about 15. There’s still time left for me to try and find a few more and I certainly intend to.


Each dog has been decorated by a different artist and it’s so lovely to see all the different designs 🙂 They’re scattered all over the city so you never know when you may come across one…


in a busy shopping centre,


outside the library,


outside the Sea Life Centre,


in front of the Band Stand,


on a busy roundabout,


at the entrance to the pier,


by the beach,


outside a church,


and near to the theatre (here’s my daughter posing with a Snowdog- she gets even more excited than me when we find one!),


These two are my favourites on the seafront promenade- one inspired by a patchwork quilt and the other covered in seagulls…


Do you see our little Salty underneath?!

When the trail finishes, the Snowdog sculptures are all going to be auctioned to raise money for a local hospice, the Marlets. How brilliant!

I hope you enjoyed visiting some of the Snowdogs with me. There are so many more that I haven’t seen yet (including a furry one!) but I do have a little more time to try… 🙂 🙂










  1. A few years ago here in London we had something similar with elephants. I loved it. If the snowdog sculptures weren’t so fabulous in their own right, it would be tempting to yarnstorm them! 😉

  2. This reminds me of when they did cows in south France next to my parents’ place a few years back 🙂 I have to say though that dogs are way cuter!

  3. We have pelicans all around my town of Pensacola Florida. My favorites are at a big intersection in the old down town. There is one for each service branch dressed in the right uniforms and everything.

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