What’s been on my hook, a crochet update…

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post and in that time I’ve been up to a few different crochet related things…


Firstly, on Sunday 9th October I went to the Komedia Cinema in Brighton and watched a screening of the film ‘Yarn’. I’m so lucky to live near to a place which has an alternative cinema showing alternative films because this one was truly amazing!




I spent the whole hour and 20 minutes in total awe of the artists I was seeing before me on the screen and it was a pure joy to watch. People were encouraged to crochet and knit in the audience and here’s the lady next to me who was crocheting!


I took my crochet with me but didn’t end up doing any- I was so inspired by the film and didn’t want to take my eyes away from the screen for a second (plus I’m not very good at crocheting in the dark)! If any of you ever get a chance to watch this film (it must come out on DVD at some point) then I highly recommend it. It was just such a gentle and artistic journey introducing people who use yarn in really amazing ways. And there was a good deal of crochet featured in the film too which was great.


As for recent crochet projects, I bought the yarn to complete a pattern for a top in issue 66 of Mollie Makes magazine ages ago and finally thought I’d set to and make it.


It started off great but the bottom section took so long to crochet in double crochet stitches. It actually produced quite a ridged fabric so I took what I had done out and carried on crocheting the bottom in treble stitches. It still took a long time but the fabric was much more fluid and I’m pleased with the end result..


wp_20161023_14_46_41_proIt’s not a project I would repeat because for me the joy in crochet is in the variety of crochet stitches used and simply doing round after round after round of treble stitches was tedious at times. But I do like the top and it’s certainly something I’ll wear. So another project on my to-do-list has been completed which always feels good. My daughter sweetly agreed to model it for me on the beach…



This months ‘Little Box of Crochet’ which I subscribe to had the yarn and pattern to complete a tea cosy. Now a tea cosy was no where near my to-do-list and is not something I would normally have crocheted but how great that I did (that’s the beauty of a subscription box which makes you crochet something you may not have considered doing otherwise). I have a china teapot that was given to us for our 10 year wedding anniversary sometime ago and it made me get it out, dust it off and cover it in a cosy!


I took the teapot, cosy and some Battenberg cake (which I made with my daughter during her school inset day) down to the beach on a tray. And how lucky I was- everything came together so well for me to be able to take these photos – the sun setting, the tide in and little wind…




I was so happy to get these photos which captured the essence of ‘time for tea’ so well…


Little Salty was tempted by the cake but was such a good girl- of course I’m sure she would have taken some if I’d looked away for just a moment!


I got the results of my written work and questions for Part 1 of the Crochet Diploma and I have passed them all which is a relief. So it’s definitely on to Part 2 for me now. I received the course work in the post and there’s a lot to do. That’s what I’ll be getting up to next and I need to get some more samples for submission on my hook. But this time I have to write a pattern for each sample I submit. Now for me, that’s a very steep learning curve… 🙂

Thanks for reading and Happy Crocheting Everyone… 🙂







  1. Beautiful photos and I really like the top and the tea cosy . What a very good dog, she deserves an extra long walk and a biscuit! Good luck with the new course and many congratulations on passing the first one.

  2. I just love your projects and pictures, Eleonora! The top is stylish and looks so comfortable for a day at the beach. And the tea cozy is delightful! Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a lovely post full of lovely things! Firstly, congratulations on passing level 1, I knew you would. That top is so pretty, almost makes me want to spread my crochet wings into clothes making although I don’t think I could. That tea cosy is beautiful too, the photos are amazing. I love it when a plan comes together so well! Vicki xx

  4. Love the pic of tea cosy, cake and sunset (with or without pooch – both fab shots. Gotta say, Salty doesn’t look impressed at not being able to scoff cake!) And big congrats on moving on to part 2 of IDC 🙂

      1. Think back to the start of Part 1, and I’m sure you had similar feelings then! As you say, one step at a time, and I’m sure you’ll be successful 🙂

  5. That’s a cracking sunset!
    I’m very tempted to add a crochet box subsription to my Chrsitmas list. It’ll be like Christmas once a month for a year!
    You’ve been working so hard for your diploma. It’s brilliant!

    1. Thanks so much Rosina. Yes, that sunset was amazing and I was lucky that it just happened to be there- it really wasn’t planned! A subscription box would be a fab christmas pressie. They are lovely and there are quite few different ones available now 🙂

  6. Well done on passing your level 1! I’d love to learn to write patterns, it will be so rewarding. As for your top… Beautiful!! I wouldn’t mind all those stitches if the end product was as cute 🙂

  7. Thank you for alerting us to the film ‘Yarn’, I will look out for it on DVD. Your top looks lovely. I like to have a mindless repetitive project on the go as I take it everywhere to do at odd moments, as well as in front of the TV. This is why I make loads of blankets. People are always asking me how long they take to make and it feels as if they take no time at all because I always do them when I’m doing something else. Congratulations on all your work for your course. I do write patterns but find it VERY difficult! I’m looking forward to hearing how you get on. Good luck!

    1. Thanks Sandra- yes you are right about a repetitive project being easy to do at odd moments. That is certainly a positive factor. I have just discovered your other blog ‘Beach Clean Art ‘about beach finds- how wonderful. I love it! 🙂

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