Little Boxes of Crochet…

There are quite a few different crochet and craft related subscription boxes available at the moment and I recently treated myself to a subscription to ‘Amanda Bloom’s Little Box of Crochet’

It’s an indulgent treat but one that I really appreciate. As you all know I love to crochet so to receive a little box each month with a surprise crochet project inside is really lovely…


When the box arrives in the post each month I want to savour the opening, so I wait till I have a quiet moment, make myself a drink and open it with eager anticipation. Everything to complete the project is included plus a few sweet little extras…


I have an enormous crochet projects ‘to do list’ so adding this to it each month may not be sustainable (like so many of those free gifts on craft magazines which I rarely get round to completing!) but for now, I seem to be managing to complete them. And this week I wanted to share with you a few of the projects I’ve managed to complete…


My first ever box contained everything needed to crocheted this pin cushion (including the pins!)



And more recently I completed this, a Frida Kahlo cameo…


This was so intricate but really enjoyable and a cameo like this is something I’ve never crocheted before!


And then there is this sweet little brooch that came in the same box as the Frida Kahlo cameo…


So as you can see they are fun but manageable little projects to do each month. Not sure how long I’ll continue but I’ll enjoy it while I can…

Has anyone else subscribed to this or any other subscription boxes?

Happy Crocheting Everyone 🙂



  1. I’d never heard of this sort of subscription. Thank you for the introduction. They do look lovely. Sweet projects. Particularly like the Frida Kahlo cameo – a bit bonkers! Fun!

  2. Hi Eleanora. I love your designs. I was a subscriber to LBC but missed the Frieda Kahlo pattern. Is it available anywhere? I’d love to make the cameo.

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