Holiday makes…

We are well and truly into the school summer holidays here, and being fortunate to work term-time only as a nurse, I’ve been able to enjoy those lazy days with the children too. It means that (when the children allow) I have been able to do a lot more crochet than usual- yay!

So here are some of the crochet makes I’ve made so far (in addition to the broomstick cardigan I shared with you earlier this week)…


I made this lovely little hedgehog for my wonderful aunt in The Netherlands. Unfortunately we couldn’t see her on her birthday this year so I sent a package instead and included this sweet little hedgehog – she has a soft spot for them as they  regularly visit her garden. I made this from a patten by Janet Carrilo which I found on Ravelry.

It was super quick to make and I crocheted it during a ferry crossing to France- hence the photo from deck somewhere in the English Channel!


This next make, a baby’s comforter blanket,  was crocheted for a friend who has just had a baby boy. It’s from a pattern by Laura Tegg, which I again found on good old Ravelry.—comforter

Most of this was crocheted during a long car journey travelling through France- number two son has taken over some of the navigation duties which meant I could put my head down and crochet in the car.

We stayed in a French ‘Center Parcs’ for a weekend which was lovely and the holiday home backed onto this gorgeous lake where I was really able to enjoy some happy crochet moments 🙂


I’ve also been able to redo a couple of crochet buttons which I need to resubmit as part of the crochet diploma. Only two of the original seven needed redoing. This is because they were quite loose and wouldn’t have served their purpose as a button very well. These two are now much tighter and they are photographed here on board the ferry on our return crossing from France.



Finally, I was able to make this super quick and sweet project for Salty- a ‘Doggy Bone Charm’ from the latest issue (48) of the UK Simply Crochet magazine. I enjoyed making this on the beach whilst the children swam in the sea and was able to photograph Salty wearing it minutes after I finished. She was ever such a good model!

Hope you are all managing to enjoy your summers (or winters) wherever you are…

Happy Crocheting 🙂







  1. Love that zebra blanky! And Salty is a Super Model – watch out she doesn’t become a diva! 😉

  2. Great post, Eleonora …. love all the bits and bobs you have been working on in France, esp the buttons which look brilliant. We were in France too but had five grandchildren around for most of the time so my crochet progress was limited! Must get back to my samples and projects as soon as the new term begins and I have some me time again. Whoever thought retirement would be so busy! J xx🌸🌸

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