A very special 40 year old crochet blanket…

This small crocheted blanket has always been in my life- it is very special to me indeed and I wanted to share it with you today…


What makes this blanket so special is that one of my wonderful Dutch aunts crocheted it over 40 years ago for my brother when he was born. Of course I don’t remember that as I didn’t come along till a couple of years later. However, I do remember that I had a little dolls cot as a child. My brother and I no longer needed a baby blanket for ourselves so I remember using this very blanket for my dolls and teddies. The cot and most dolls (except a precious few) are long gone but this blanket has always stayed with me. What makes this blanket special is that my daughter now uses it for her teddies!


I was round my mothers the other day looking at old photographs and we came across this little photo album.


To my amazement inside were a couple of photographs of my brother as a baby in the winter of 1976 kept warm by this very blanket! How wonderful! A 40 year old photograph of my brilliant brother with a crocheted blanket that I still have today!




It’s been washed a few too many times and has certainly shrunk a little but I still love it. The colours look like they are as vibrant now as they were back then!


My wonderful aunt who crocheted this blanket is not well at the moment. I am thinking of her a lot and that makes this blanket even more special as it reminds me of her. I live in England whilst she lives in The Netherlands so I am not able to just pop round and visit :(. She knitted my mother a scarf for Christmas and I hope that she will feel better soon and may be able to find comfort in creating things once more…

Thank you all for reading 🙂




  1. I hope your aunt recovers soon. The colours and the pattern of the blanket are bold and striking! Very 1970s! Treasure it ☺️

  2. I love this! It’s wonderful that your daughter is using it now. I have several items my Great-Aunts crocheted for me in the 70s. They mean a lot to me. I hope your Aunt is doing well.

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