Another sample ready for submission…

Now that the Darcey dress I was crocheting for so long has been completed and sent off for marking, I’ve been crocheting some more samples to submit as part of the International Diploma in Crochet. These work up pretty quick so it’s been nice to have some different colours and yarns to work with and projects which are quickly finished!


This is a sample which required me to crochet a piece of textured crochet using a minimum of four different stitches to create a bumpy texture. I struggled initially as I’m still looking for patterns to follow rather than creating my own stitch patterns.


After a little guidance from my tutor I came up with this sample. It uses four different stitch heights. It’s not as bumpy as I would have liked but I’ll wait to see what feedback I get…


It’s been very windy along our coastline in recent weeks. A boat out at sea has shed it’s load and there is a lot of wood from it washing up onto the local beach. Perfect conditions for some beachcombing – our beachcombing corner continues to grow!


Happy crocheting everyone 🙂




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