Another Coast again…

We have just returned from a fabulous week in Zeeland, The Netherlands where we celebrated Christmas with family and enjoyed some wonderful quality time together.


Zeeland is in the very South West corner of The Netherlands and has a very different coastline to ours here in the South East of England. It’s a complete contrast to our pebble beaches, rock pools and ragged cliffs. In Zeeland we enjoyed vast sandy beaches, soft sand dunes and grasses. With the dramatic backdrop of huge cargo ships sailing by as they entered the harbour just up the coast it really was a spectacular and refreshing change for us to enjoy!



With vast sandy beaches that we are just not used to I discovered a phenomenon that I have not really encountered before- reflections in the sand…


Aren’t they great!


My aunt told me about the local historic traditional costumes of the area (Cadzandse Klederdracht) which she had found out about. It included for girls a crocheted lace cap or hat. There was a local museum near where we stayed and I was looking forward to discovering more but unfortunately it was closed throughout our stay.


On one of our walks we came across this chair outside someone’s house. How lovely it was with a fine crocheted throw over it – it looked so inviting!



I did get some crochet done over Christmas and my current project, a dress, is gradually getting there. My husband also surprised me with a new set of soft handled crochet hooks. I’ll let you know how I get on with them although I won’t change hook halfway through my dress as I don’t want to risk altering the tension in any way!

Hope you all had good Christmases. Happy Crocheting Everyone…




  1. Oh, when I see these pics I get slightly homesick. I used to live 5 minutes drive from the beach (Wijk aan Zee, Noord-Holland).. Thanks for sharing your photos, seems you had a great time..

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