Popcorn Stitch and V Stitch following Fifth Results…

Fifth set of results for the International Diploma in Crochet have been received and one sample was considered excellent and another very good. Two samples needed resubmission as I hadn’t read the requirements fully. That’s very unusual for me as I’m a pretty organised and thorough person but it’s all part of that learning process!

One sample that needed resubmission was my sample of a pattern based on trebles to create a heavily textured crochet fabric. My sample was textured but not heavily! So having referred to my library of crochet books and scouring the internet I have discovered the fabulous Popcorn stitch!


Here’s my new sample ready for submission. I really love this stitch and the finished fabric is wonderful to look at and feel. I’m already thinking that it could be used to make some lovely hand warmers. Another project for my never-ending ‘to-do-list’!

I was also asked to resubmit my sample of an open or lacy pattern using only trebles. I had discovered a lovely ‘open scallops’ stitch pattern using only trebles. However, this stitch pattern does use chains between the trebles and it’s these that were not allowed -the requirement did say ‘foundation and turning chains accepted’ but I didn’t really take that in to mean no chains anywhere else.

So…. I’ve discovered the ‘No-Space Treble Crochet V-Stitch’ which has no chains between the V’s. And here’s my new sample ready for submission together with the popcorn stitch sample…


I hope these will now pass the requirements!

Happy Crocheting everyone…


  1. I tripped up on the lacy trebles-only requirement too! I’m sure lo-o-o-ots of people misunderstand that one….

  2. I love your popcorn sample. I have never used the stitch and will have to look up how it has been he course looks so interesting. I was just reading about it and all of the exciting crochet you will be learning/perfecting. Hairpin? Off to google to see what that is … 🙂

  3. This looks like bobble stitch to me, which the Americans call popcorn stitch. Popcorn stitch is where you take the hook out of the loop and reinsert it, bobble stitch is where you leave loops undone and crochet them at the end. Which do you think it sounds like?
    I’m very impressed with your crochet work for a diploma, it’s impressive.

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