Family crochet…by my Oma.

During our August holiday in The Netherlands I enjoyed conversations about crochet with my dear Aunt (she is enjoying reading this blog). She recalled that when my Oma (grandmother) was alive she crocheted a curtain for her backdoor. That jogged my memory and of course I remembered that very curtain from my childhood visits to my aunts house- more crochet influence around me as I grew up!

And here it is photographed while we were on our holiday…


Isn’t it lovely? I think so!


It hasn’t hung in this place for sometime as it’s showing signs of wear and tear but as with so many handmade items made by loved one’s they become so special that we hold onto them.



My dear Oma had a stroke when she was 79 and after this she still found comfort in crochet. My aunt showed me these pannenlappen (pot holders) that my Oma had made after she had her stroke. Not as straight or as neat as she previously crocheted but still so very special!

Pannenlappen made by my beloved Oma after she had a stroke.

That’s another reason I so love crochet (amongst many handicrafts). It can be comforting- something we can do with our hands to keep busy, to focus, to give purpose and to simply find joy in creating.

I so loved my Oma and am happy that her crochet lives on.

Happy crocheting!


  1. Thanks for liking my post! I followed you here from my blog, and I’m SO DELIGHTED I did. What a lovely blog! What lovely posts everywhere. Your blog is a trove of wonder. And those crochet pannenlappen by Oma must be very dear to you. Treasure them!

    Maria x

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