Introducing Golden Moments…💛 Part 1

Hello and welcome…🥰

Revealing a new blanket design is always very exciting and today I can introduce you all to ‘Golden Moments’ – my brand new crochet-along blanket design for Simply Crochet Magazine!

After being on my hooks behind the scenes, I’m so happy I can finally share it with you all and I hope you’ll love it as much as I do. It’s a theme very close to my heart and the colours, stitch combinations and scenes found in this blanket have been inspired by many ‘golden moments’ in life. 💛

It’s a colourful celebration of good things!

This blanket is a 6 part crochet-along with Simply Crochet Magazine, with Part 1 starting in Issue 134 which is out now!

Simply Crochet is a monthly magazine so it means this can be a gloriously easy going, nicely paced and gentle crochet-along over the next 6 months. It means there can be time to fit in other projects alongside crocheting this blanket. I have other exciting designs to share with you in the coming months so ‘Golden Moments’ is the perfect project to slowly grow whilst still being able to enjoy others! 😃

There’s also an incredibly generous subscription offer with the magazine at the moment for those of you in the UK – if you take out a new subscription to the magazine you get all the fabulous quality merino wool yarn to create this blanket included as a gift!

Make sure you use the promotional code: SCP134

This is a limited offer while stocks last… it really is amazing because the yarn is simply beautiful and I can certainly highly recommend it! 😃

The yarn I’ve used is Rico Essentials Merino dk, which is 100% merino wool. It’s absolutely gorgeous – soft, smooth, and with a light and springy structure. It really is a joy to work with and being 100% merino, the resulting blanket is just so warm, soft and cosy. I really love it and it feels luxurious! 💛

But of course, as always if you’re crocheting along, you can choose to use your own yarn choices and different colours too. There are so many possibilities!

The pattern will only be available in Simply Crochet Magazine. The magazine is available as a digital download too so everyone everywhere can take part.

Here’s a little more about the theme and inspiration for this blanket…

“Golden Moments” is a term I first heard used quite a few years ago by the head teacher of my children’s primary school. In a card she wrote, “enjoy the golden moments!”.

That really resonated with me and since then my husband and I throughout the years have said “Awww… this is a golden moment” when we both feel a moment in time which feels nice! To remind ourselves to savour it and enjoy it… 💛 Because life is of course not all golden moments… 💛

So it’s all about time with loved ones, cosy nice feelings and enjoying beautiful experiences which can be small and simple, they don’t have to be big moments!

Golden Moments

This blanket celebrates the Golden Moments in life! Moments, sometimes small and fleeting, sometimes lasting longer, moments that are worth cherishing and often filled with love.

Sunsets on the beach and savouring that moment as the sun goes down and the sky turns golden.

Noticing those first signs of spring as the flowers suddenly come into bloom.

Listening to music can be the backdrop to many a golden moment! Or maybe listening to the music itself creates that golden moment.

A walk along the beach, hearing the sounds of the waves and maybe searching for shells as we walk along.

Time spent crocheting always feels golden and what better to capture this than a quintessential granny square.

A walk outdoors in the woods or a park, to be immersed in nature and breathe in fresh air.

Meeting friends for coffee and cake or enjoying an afternoon tea… that’s an easy golden moment!

Late summer or autumn fruits being picked from hedgerows or bushes… enjoy them fresh outdoors or bring them home to create golden moments with a homecooked fruit pie.

Those precious golden moments, no matter how small, have inspired the stitches, textures, scenes, and colours found within this blanket.

Back in December we visited family and friends in The Netherlands and we took an evening stroll around beautiful Amsterdam. That in itself was a golden moment and it provided the perfect backdrop for some photos with my blanket… yes, my blanket came with me as I had a feeling there might be some good photo opportunities! 😃

That bicycle was perfectly positioned on the bridge and was also perfectly colour co-ordinated! 😃

We even came across a golden monkey statue perched on a bridge!!

Walking amongst windmills with friends was definitely a golden moment!

We had fun trying to take photos in the wind! 😃

Time with friends can create so many golden moments… 💛

And closer to home, the sea sunsets are often golden!

Walks with Salty have provided many golden moments over the years… 🐾💛

And in Part 1 of the blanket we start by crocheting rectangles inspired by sea sunsets. Such lovely stitches to capture the warmth of a beautiful sunset… a golden moment as we stop and watch the sun go down. 💛

And also in Part 1 we have the spring flowers coming into bloom… a definite golden moment I notice every year when I see the first signs of spring.🌼🌸

I chose blue and yellow flowers to crochet as a nod to little ‘Forget-Me-Nots’, one of my Dads favourite flowers. I’m so sad that we lost my dear Dad last year but I’m comforted so much by the memories of the many golden moments we enjoyed together… 💛💛💛

So there you go… another blanket journey begins! This one a little slower and a different format to previous blankets because it’s being released in monthly instalments through Simply Crochet Magazine.

It’s a perfect opportunity to crochet-along together over a longer period of time, taking it easy, cherishing those golden crochet moments and I hope that many of you will join in!🥰

Happy Crocheting Everyone! 😃💛


  1. How special are the golden moments in our lives, as will be the moments spent creating this amazing blanket. Thank you for sharing your abundant talent and knowledge with us.

  2. Beautiful! This is so vibrant, the colours are delicious. It’s a pity the pattern is not available to purchase – as a senior citizen this is just a commitment I’d be afraid to make at present. However, love your blog and the lovely pictures you include. Thank you. Best wishes from Dublin 😊

      1. Good thinking, Eleonora!!👍 I’ll contact my local library, so fingers crossed 🤞

  3. Another beautiful and bright blanket with a very personal theme. I love it. Thank you for creating it and sharing with us Eleonora 😊🧶

  4. The blanket looks stunning. But how will we get the pattern not liiving ind the UK and not able to sign up to simple crochet. and not able to buy in our bookshops in Namibia.

  5. Hi. How do you get the pattern? Where and how will I pay for the pattern if it’s digital download?
    Please advise

  6. Hi need help is there a video of how to crochet the golden moments parts I can’t follow chart

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